MY GUIDANCE PHILOSOPHY Guidance plays a vital role In the life of an Individual. For sure, every person needs guidance because no one Is ever sure that he/she can make best decision In an instant. Basically, Guidance Is given to those with delinquency, with problems, with struggles, victims of abuse, with difficulties and many others so to speak. But for me, Guidance is needed not just in crisis situations but should also be available to normal youngsters coping with normal developmental problems. As would be guidance counselor, I would like to make my service available to those who are going o seek help from me.

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For sure, I will not be able to address all their needs so, it is very important to employ referral and seek for professional help. I should be very careful in terms of providing options to the client’s problems/concerns because I have to be reminded always that as Guidance Counselor, I can make and unmake lives. For me, It Is Important to aim for the maximum development of the Individual not Just concentrating merely on the amelioration of trauma or the prevention of mistakes. Of course, as counselor, there should be a place where I can provide ervices.

I would Ilke my office to be provided with complete facilities to further ald me in giving services to the clients. I believe that a sound and cool environment would be of great help in guidance and counseling processes. There should also be appropriate programs for different groups of clienteles. I should also have appropriate tools to use in giving assistance and in determining the needs of the clienteles. In todays world, humans are faced with many issues about economy, career, poverty, sexuality, religion/belief, culture, technology, etc. and surely humans re faced with big challenges.

So, it is important that as guidance counselor, I should be well equipped with knowledge pertaining to dfferent Issues. Otherwise, I might not be able to extend Immediate help to clients especially In practical situations. As many authors put It, Guidance Is basically a help given to those who need It.It Is also the assistance given to Individuals In making Intelligent choices and adjustments. So, based from this idea as a Guidance Counselor first and foremost I should be willing to give help and assistance. Willingness should always be there ecause it is where the love for this profession begins.

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I can say that extending help and assistance will be effective if there is willingness on the part of the counselor. I firmly believe that as Counselor, one must be a very good listener, keen observer, sensitive to the needs of others and most especially willing to render service. When time comes that I become a full pledged Guidance Counselor, I will make sure that I will lend my ears to listen to the feelings, thoughts, ideas, sentiments and the like, of those persons who need guidance. Because we never know that one might be onsoled by simply listening to him/her.

Some are even consoled by a simple smile. So, I will be a Guidance Counselor whose smile Is made available to everybody. I will also try to be a keen observer keen enough to observe covert and overt behaviors of every individual. I have to be a keen observer in order to be sensitive to the needs others simply because of love. I firmly believe that everything is easy if it is done out of love. As a guidance counselor, I will pay special attention to counseling because it is the core and heart of Guidance. I believe that every individual who seeks for help eeds to have somebody to talk to.

Conversation therefore is very important in guidance because it is where rapport is developed. When I become a Guidance Counselor, I will make sure that counseling service will be extended even through pep talk, interview and counseling sessions itself. I will try my best to change what many people thinks of Guidance. For me, it is very important to state that Guidance is not a disciplinary aid especially in school setting. Rather, I will try my best to explain that Guidance Services are directed towards guiding and giving assistance to the lients.

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