Explain the ethical issues which can affect the operational activities of a business Show that you understand the foundations of ethics (think Kant and Mill and other early ethical theorists), also that you understand about how ethics has developed from these. Show that you understand how absolute ethics and relative ethics are the same in some ways but are different in other ways. Talk about what Business Ethics really means (definitions). Give some examples of company decisions which involve ethics (if everyone agrees which is the right decision, then that is usually not an ethical issue).

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Talk about how businesses have ‘corporate values’ and how those values get communicated to stakeholders. Talk about ethics which come from certain professions (for example, all doctors have a code of ethics they follow and that code does not matter where they work because the code comes from their profession). 2. 1 Explain how business objectives are affected by ethical considerations Talk about what the business’s objectives are and how making decisions in an ethical or unethical way (corporate governance, CSR, triple bottom line, sustainability, etc.) can affect those objectives. 2. 2 Evaluate the implications for a business and its stakeholders to operate ethically Talk about stakeholders and what conflicts they naturally have (for example, customers want lower price but shareholders want more profit). Talk about pressure groups, changing to support ethical activities, etc. “Evaluate” means showing you understand which is best and which is worst and why. Come up with some opinions here and support those opinions with good academic argument.

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