Guilty All The Same by Linkin Park

7 July 2019

On March the seventh this year, Linkin Park made their long awaited comeback with their new single “Guilty All The Same” from their upcoming album “The Hunting Party”. I was sceptical about the song, since Linkin Park’s last two albums and their remix album were too close to EDM for my liking, and like many other fans, I had wanted another Hybrid Theory. So when I heard how guitar driven the song was, and the complete lack of electronics, I was blown away, since I did not think I would ever get to hear another Linkin Park song that I enjoyed.
Then my excitement grew when I saw Linkin Park interviews where the band would say that the band were trying to make modern punk, and avoid the new indie-pop that is currently popular. I thought this was a brilliant idea.
But then I started to judge the song on the actual quality of the song, and not the concepts behind the song. I found that the song is rather basic instrumentally, and vocally overly repetitive. While the song is still relatively catchy, I feel like Linkin Park could have done better, and if this is the first single then I am slightly worried for the rest of the album, however a song with Daron from System of a Down might save the album
Rating: 3/5

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