Guilty Pleasure by Ashley Tisdale

8 August 2019

This former “High School Musical” star has definitely stepped out of the Disney spotlight and into one all her own. Ashley Tisdale proves that she’s ready to graduate into adulthood, in her sophomore album, “Guilty Pleasure”.

This album shows a different side of Tisdale. It’s nothing like her Broadway bound character in, “High School Musical”. She let’s her true self come through on this album.

Guilty Pleasure by Ashley Tisdale Essay Example

Her hit single on the album, “It’s Alright, It’s Ok”, resonates with many teen girls. You know that you’ll be better off without this guy and you want him to know that too.

Though there is no title track on this album, many other songs are quite enjoyable including the first track on this album, “Acting Out.” This tune starts off sounding symphonic, then blasts into an upbeat song with a rock undertone.

“What If”, one of Tisdale’s slower songs on this album, speaks to how to be loyal even if a guy isn’t. If you really needed him, would he even be there for you?

Tisdale’s “How Do You Love Someone”, is truer than we may know it to be; you wonder how do you love someone when you’ve had no examples. How do you do it without getting hurt or falling flat on your face.

Tisdale’s new sound definitely suits her. “Guilty Pleasure” lives up to it’s name, it’s full of songs, that are, without a doubt, a guilty pleasure.

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