Gulf War Pollution

This paper describes the after effects of pollution caused in the Gulf War.

This paper proposes a study of some of the most significant long-term and short-term effects of air-pollution that were produced as a direct result of the Gulf War. According to the paper, this pollution was caused by the burning of Kuwaiti oil fields. The paper explains the ways in which warfare is involved in environmental destruction including an analysis of air pollution during the war and the effect of air pollution of those people who were most directly exposed to it, including American soldiers and personnel who have been diagnosed with what is now generally referred to as Gulf War Syndrome.

Table of Contents
1. Introduction
2. Scope and Background of Problem
3. Proposed Project
4. Analysis and Results
5. Conclusions and Recommendations

From the paper:

“This proposal looks at three specific consequences of air pollution during the Gulf War, or rather at three sets of phenomena that are considered by many people to be consequences of air pollution during the war: The cluster of symptoms experienced by American soldiers and personnel called Gulf War Syndrome; any civilians in the war zone that are also suffering from similar syndromes; and the any similar effect on other mammals (i.

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e. wildlife) that were also exposed to the air pollution during the war.”

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