Gun control

In the past few years so many lives have been lost due to guns in the hands of the wrong people. There have been many debates weather or not the United States should have stricter gun laws. Due to recent tragedies like the shooting in Newtown Connecticut there should be limits to the second amendment right to bear arms, because stricter laws is always the best way to prevent crimes.

There should be limits to the second amendment right to bear arms, because the numbers show that there have been to many crimes in the united states with hand guns “in 1996, for example handguns were used to murder 15 people in japan, 30 in Britain, 106 in Canada and 9,390 in the united states” (tauber pg2) those numbers are crazy high for the united states we have to make stricter laws to stop all of these crimes with handguns.

Another reason why we should make limits to the second amendment right to bear arms is because too many teens are getting killed by these handguns and we need our teens there are out future “4,223 Americans ages 19 and younger were killed or killed themselves with a gun in 1997” (tauber pg1) too many young kids lives being lost because of a weapon that is supposed to be in the hands of a trained person instead we have kids killing them selves Statistics is key and the stats show how many lives a gun violence has taken “in the united states experts estimate gun crime or injures 100,000 American’s every year, put it another way, approximately 264 people are killed or injured by guns every single day in the united states” the numbers don’t lie we need to make change and have stricter gun laws because if not we are going to keep increasing the stats and more lives will be lost.

Even though the other side does have valid points such as “the criminal who wasn’t stopped by 20,000 laws won’t be stopped by 20,001” (tauber pg3) yes that is true but if you make laws that really do scare the people that hold weapons then you would see an decrease in the amount of gun violence in the united states because the numbers are horrifying and its only getting worst and worst day by day so we have to put a stop to it now by changing the gun laws and making them stricter. Ultimately there should be tougher laws for gun control because numerous deaths have been linked to guns the number don’t lie so we need to limit the right of the second amendment to bear arms because it is talking to many people’s lives and yes the second amendment is valid and stricter laws will impede on our rights but we need it because we are losing to many lives due to guns.

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