Gun Control Outline

10 October 2016

Republican, Democratic differences c. Changing Gun control is not the solution to reducing violent crimes. It is our Constitutional right to bear arms therefor the government should push for criminal control not gun control. II. Body a. In 2012 the Right-To-Carry laws set responsible and reasonable rules that have been proven to reduce gun related violence and follow the guidelines of the Second Amendment, the right the bear arms. RTC2012 b. Evidence: I. A law recognized by both state and common law II.

Shall issue laws- provides uniform standards III. Beard vs U. S (1895) “may repeal force by force” RTC reinforces IV. Gun Control act (1868) RTC reinforces V. states who have it a. Crime trends studied of the RTC and other acts shows that giving citizens the right to carry a firearm made the violent crime murder rate drop 8% and rapes and aggravated assaults fell 7%. Gun Laws b. Evidence: I. 1991= peak of violent crime. 24 states adopted the shall issue laws II. decrease in the national murder rate

Gun Control Outline Essay Example

III. not one study shows that the RTC increased crime a. Federal and state laws in place today are keeping restrictions on guns to promote safe and responsible ownership. Gun Laws b. Evidence: I. National firearm act II. Brady Act III. state restrictions (open carry) a. Obamas’ proposal will not only restricting our Constitutional rights but will cost tax payers a lot more money. Gun Control b. Evidence I. the proposal II. priorities out of order III. increase taxes IV. will not change anything

VI. law abiding citizens loosing rights a. Wayne LaPierre, the chief of the National Rifle association (NRA) pitched some ideas to the public that will not only enforce our existing laws but create new and efficient ones. “Charade” on Guns/NRA rams up b. Evidence I. obamas corruption II. armed guards at every school III. universal background checks will not stop criminals from obtaining firearms IV. assault weapons are not a major contributor to gun related homicides V. publicity stunt a.

The problem gun violence is at an all time high is not because we need better gun control laws, its because we need better criminal control. Criminal Control b. Evidence I. 90% criminal murderers II. govs most apparent job is to protect us II. hold parole board accountable III. Eric Floyds story III. Conclusion Gun control has been a very controversial issue in America lately and what citizens are not realizing is that the guns are not the issue, its the lack of control over the people. President Obamas plan will do nothing but tax Americans and take away law abiding citizens rights.

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