Gut Feeling

2 February 2017

My friend Jerome called me talking about a party that was supposed to be the party of the year across town. My gut was telling me it was a bad idea, because across town were our rivals, Alcovy. A lot of animosity was built up from the game the other night. The game was so intense the basketball teams were even getting hostile towards one another. Once again that was my gut. My mind was telling me to go have fun.

“What can possibly happen? I told myself. “My boys are going to be there. ” As it got closer to the afternoon, more and more people began to tell me about this party. So my mind was made up that I was going. Problem was I didn’t want to tell my mom. She’s the type to go into a lecture about fighting, curfew, all the stuff mothers worry about. Honestly I wasn’t trying to sit through or hear all that, but I couldn’t lie to her so I told her.

Gut Feeling Essay Example

Two hours later I’m getting off the couch trying to shake out the cob webs from my ears. Some of what she was saying was processing in my head, but my main focus was on how the girls were going to look at the party.So you know I had to bring out one of my best outfit. As it came closer and closer to party time I began to think about what my gut was telling me earlier. “Don’t go” is what I kept hearing in my head. All I repeated to myself was that nothing was going to happen and I have nothing to worry about. My friend Jerome called me again and asked can he ride with me.

Of course with him being my friend I said yes. I hopped in the shower, threw on my clothes, and was on my way to pick up Jerome. When I pulled up, his mother answered the door. When I walked through the door I saw Jerome on the couch.His mom was giving him the same lecture my mother gave me. When she was done we jumped in my beat up Ford Explorer. As we pulled up to the party I could see something hanging out his pants where his waist was.

It was a gun. I pulled into the parking lot and before he could step out the car I grabbed him. I asked him why he brought the gun. He told me just in case anything popped off. I shook my head and got out the car. I told him to keep it in the car. The party was on point like I knew it was going to be.

Then I saw my crush, Taija Bradley. I’ve had a crush on her since 9th grade.She had short hair with beautiful brown eyes. Her body made everybody double-take. This was my chance to actually talk to her face to face. As I approached her Tamarco Robins intercepted. Tamarco was the man at Alcovy.

But with me being who I am I didn’t let that stop me. As he was talking to her I grabbed her hand and pulled her my way. Tamarco was heated. The whole part he began to mug me as I was dancing with Taija. The party was coming to an end, and I had got Taija number. When I turned around Tamarco was standing in my face. He pushed me and his boys surrounded me.

I looked and my boys rushed in.Next thing I know there is a big brawl inside the party. Security got between us and broke us up. All I could hear was Tamarco and his crew talking about continuing the fight outside. So my friends and I looked at each other and proceeded outside. When we got outside Tamarco’s brother was at his car. As I turned around Tamarco punched me.

I fell to the ground. When I got up I saw everybody fighting. Then I turn around and seen Tamarco’s brother coming towards the crowd with a gun. Before I could say anything he began to shoot. Everybody started to scatter. When he was done shooting, Tamarco and his boys got in their cars and left.I began to look around and saw somebody lying on the ground.

“Jerome” I said to myself. I ran to him screaming his name. As I got to him I rolled him over and I could see he was shot twice. He was shot in the back and the chest. My friends and I put him in my truck and we took him to the hospital. Two hours had past, and his family and friends were in the waiting room. As we waited all I could think about was him.

This was my fault for getting into it with Tamarco. All I wanted was revenge. When the doctor came out everyone stood up and waited for him to tell us what condition Jerome was in.Jerome didn’t make it he told us. It was like the world came to an abrupt halt. I had lost my best friend to nothing. My friend I had known my whole life was gone in one night.

I turned to his mother and hugged her real tight as tears ran down my face onto her shoulder. To this day I think about him. The brother I always wanted. My gut feeling was right. I should have never gone to that party. Nothing was worth losing my best friend. He taught me a great lesson.

Before you make an important decision, think about all the consequences. You never know how severe they may be.

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