H Swot and Pestel Essay Sample

7 July 2017

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H & A ; M is a great company in many facets. It may be Sweden’s most recognised company after IKEA. It all started with a little adult females dressing shop outside of Stockholm and subsequently grew to be the biggest vesture retail house that one have yet seen. During this study I will get down with a brief description of the company’s interesting history and terminal with an overview over its ethical behavior and corporate duty. In the center of the study I will besides carry on a PESTEL- and SWOT analysis to demo the company’s external and internal factors.

Description of the Administration

Hennes & A ; Maurtiz has today 2. 206 shops distributed on 38 markets. They had about 17. 000 employees in 1998. Year 2010. 12 old ages subsequently. H & A ; M have accomplished to increase their work force to 87. 000 which is more than five times the figures it obtained in 1998. In 2010 their gross revenues landed on approximately 12 billion GBP. This states that gross revenues per employee landed around 138. 000 GBP. Erling Persson founded Hennes in 1947. Hennes was a adult females dressing shop in Vasteras. merely outside of Stockholm. He got the thought to get down a adult females dressing shop during a trip to The United States of America where he embraced a retail construct which was yet unknown in Sweden. Erling expanded his adult females dressing shop construct so it eventually in 1960 covered the state of Sweden. Year 1968. about 20 old ages after the first Hennes shop was opened. he purchased the work forces vesture and runing shop Maurtiz Widforss because of this purchase he could now make out to the other gender and at the same clip he besides introduced a children’s vesture line. So now he had adequate audiences to take the enlargement to the following degree. He rapidly changed the name to Hennes & A ; Maurtiz and in the beginning of 1970s he besides introduced two extra sections ( adolescents and babes ) . Until 1982 Erling chief aim was to spread out the company outside of Scandinavia.

He penetrated retail markets in The United Kingdom. Switzerland and Germany. When his boy Stefan Persson took over the Chief executive officer station he continued the international enlargement. In 1997 when Stefan stepped down as a Chief executive officer to take the function as Chairman of the board he had accomplished to duplicate the international markets which H & A ; M where operating in. 12 international markets was now a fact. For the first clip the company now decided to go on its concern without a household member as a CEO. A adult male named Fabian Mansson was now chosen to take the expansion-aggressive retail house to conflict. During his 12 old ages as Chief executive officer he managed to contend his manner into extra 23 markets. H & A ; M was now runing in 35 markets worldwide. From USA to Ireland and Denmark to South Korea it was now a present retail concatenation in about every Industrial state that one visited. 2009 was the twelvemonth when it was clip for Stefan’s boy Carl-Johan Persson to take over the CEO place for the multi-national company it had become. Carl-Johan brought the company to where it is today. in 38 markets.


Political| Economic|
* Tries to enforce Governments to increase lower limit rewards where their providers are located. * Establishment issues in Israel| * Increase work force yearly * Exchange rates are of import because of its many markets it operates within * Contributes positive to the planetary economic wealth by their aggressive expansion| Social| Technological|

* Inventive programme * A strong sustainability and production policy * | * Provide new engineering as air status to its providers of cotton. * | Environmental| Legal|
* Reduce C oxide by 5 % every twelvemonth. * Makes contribution to the administration * WaterAid to better clean H2O in countries where H & A ; Ms providers operate. * Biggest user of ecological cotton within its industry| * Do non accept child labour * Code of Conduct which is based in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and the International Labour Organisation’s Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work. |

In 2008 H & A ; M tried to set up itself thru a franchise in Israel was non so successful. The Palestine News Network ( PNN ) was non so happy about H & A ; M opening up a shop in a small town called al-Malha. Apparently the small town was before a place for Palestinians before they were cleaned out in 1948 to do room for Israelis. Although H & A ; M don’t take sides on political and spiritual issues. they have still been confronting protests from 28 different administrations about this issue. Over all the PESTEL analysis shows that H & A ; M is a caring company. They care about their providers and their workers ; they care about their employees and welcome others to come work for them. Their part to the planetary economic system by opening up new shops every twelvemonth generates work chances in states where unemployment rates may be high.


Strengths| Weaknesses|
* Low monetary values * External fabrication * Leadership * Owned by a respectable household * Delivery times from design tabular array to retail province * Famous guest interior decorators * Aggressive enlargement * Store locations * Recognized trade name name * Use of ecological cotton * Strong values| * External fabrication * Price medium to cotton| EXTERNAL|

Opportunities| Threats|
* More occupations * Global enlargement * Expand their online shop * External fabrication * Involve more celebrated invitee interior decorators * Recession| * Exchange rates * External fabrication * Other low monetary value retail companies * Global expansion| SWOT-Analysis tablet

H & A ; M’s by far best strength is their competitory monetary values. In H & A ; M’s booklet ‘H & A ; M in words and pictures’ which can be downloaded from their website one can happen their concern construct which states that their end is to “… offer manner and quality at the best monetary value. ” Why H & A ; M can offer such a low monetary values for such a good quality is because they outsource all production to providers and they cut the in-between manus. Since they order large sums of cotton at each order. the manufacturers can give them a competitory monetary value. Since Erling started the concern in 1947 his followings have merely delivered success to the company. When Carl-Johan took over the function as CEO he was so the 3rd coevals of Persson to pull off the company and there is no uncertainty that he would non present the same success to the company as his male parent and gramps did. Another strong competitory arm is the ability to administer the goods from the design tables to the retail shops. The mean clip for retail merchants in the same industry is about 6 months. H & A ; M can make this in 3 months which gives them a head start in the tendency sensitive universe as we live in.

Too pull the more sole audience they besides introduced a construct in 2004. which involves celebrated invitee interior decorators like Madonna. Roberto Cavalli and Lanvin to do a limited figure of apparels which are sold on a limited figure of shops around the universe. Expansion is cardinal for H & A ; M their end is to increase the figure of shops by 10-15 % each twelvemonth. Their international enlargement will chiefly be concentrating on markets in China. USA and UK during 2011. H & A ; M doesn’t own the shops which they retail in. The ground for this is because it makes it easier for them to ever be on the best location for their clients. As the universe gets more ecological cognizant H & A ; M. besides get more ecological aware. H & A ; M started to offer goods made from ecological goods in 2004. Today they are the biggest user of cotton within the vesture retail industry. As a consequence of this they helped to establish the Better Cotton Initiative which intent of being is to assist husbandmans to turn cotton with every bit small impact on the environment and on the work force as possible. Failings

I found it difficult to recognize failings for H & A ; M. But no house is flawless. We have already recognised external fabrication as a strengths but it could besides be a failing in footings of that the company doesn’t have full control over its fabrication. H & A ; M does hold a batch of controls of the fabrication procedure but still jobs with the production of cotton can originate in signifiers of child labor. bad work conditions. and minimal wage rewards. If the company would be involved in any of these jobs the company’s trade name name could be in danger. Cotton is by far the biggest cost within the production procedure ; this makes H & A ; M really sensitive to monetary value alterations within that good. A job to maintain low monetary values for apparels may originate during periods of high cotton monetary values.

With aggressive enlargement come more occupations. H & A ; M has increased their work force yearly since its twenty-four hours of birth. The universe is large and although H & A ; M has opened shops in North America. Europe and Asia during the last 20 old ages at that place are still markets unknown for H & A ; M. Because of a phenomenon called Globalisation more less-developed states in less-developed continents are developing in a high gait. So the fact that H & A ; M has non yet entered markets in South American. The Pacific and Africa is likely merely a affair of clip. Until the terminal of 2010 H & A ; M had their on-line shop opened to 8 of the 38 markets which it was runing within. The chance for H & A ; M to increase the gross revenues figures by opening up their online shop for more markets is a fact. External fabrication could be an chance every bit good as strength and failing. It helps H & A ; M to non bind up capital in mills. Alternatively they can utilize this capital to better their enlargement. Too help better their market portion to the more sole audience they could better the frequence of celebrated guest interior decorators. During recession people tend to seek to the cheaper options of goods. A recession is of class ne’er good for a company as a whole but to offer low monetary values during a recession will maybe attract clients that would usually non purchase apparels from H & A ; M and when the recession is over they might merely maintain shopping at H & A ; M

H & A ; M is runing in 38 different markets ; this makes them vulnerable excessively large bends in the exchange rate. H & A ; M is exposing their income in the Swedish Krona ( SEK ) . This means that all gross revenues outside of Sweden must be exchanged into SEK in the terminal of the twelvemonth. Here we encounter external fabrication one time once more. Most of H & A ; Ms contract providers are located in states where the authoritiess are frequently really undependable. illustration of states: Bangladesh and China. The menace of other retail houses like Zara. Gap etc may non be as of really endangering right know. but one should ne’er undervalue the competition of a house within the same industry.

Ethical behavior and corporate societal duty
As H & A ; M doesn’t ain any mills. one can believe that they don’t attention about the working environment of their providers. But they do care deeply about their providers. They give away 1000000s of lbs every twelvemonth to administration that helps better the on the job conditions for their providers. They besides donate money to construct up schools near to the mills. H & A ; M supports:

1. Global Impact
2. CEO Water Mandate
3. Millennium Development Goals
4. All for kids
5. Hunger alleviation at the Horn of Africa
6. United nations children’s fund
7. Manner against AIDS
8. Investing in immature people in Bangladesh
9. H & A ; M donates apparels to charity
10. H & A ; M supports the battle against drugs
11. WaterAid
12. H & A ; M Anniversary Fund

H & A ; M besides started an inducement plan this twelvemonth where they want to promote and admit employees’ long-run engagement in the company. To make so they distribute money as a fillip to employees irrespective of their place or salary degree. They want their employees to profit from the growing in the same facet as a stockholder of the company does. Conclusion

H & A ; M is non merely a multi-billionaire company that generates tremendous net incomes every twelvemonth. It’s besides a multi-caring company. As I’ve been larning more about the company it has become more clear to me that it does non merely exist to function the stockholders involvement. It besides exists to function clients with a feeling of manner or clients who merely want to purchase something inexpensive to have on. Its magnitude of corporate duty to its employees and providers is something that is rare today. H & A ; M is a great illustration of a well functioned company who takes all the stakeholders in consideration and encompass them.

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