Haida Indian Culture

4 April 2015
Ethnographic study of culture, social organization, Anglo influence, system of status, fishing of native people of British Columbia & Alaska.

Raven, the spirited trickster, became bored with flying above the endless sea in the darkness of perpetual night. He looked skyward and saw glimmering specks of light amid the blackness. Curious, he flew higher to explore. And when he returned, he was carrying a large ball of fire which he had stolen from the sky. According to Haida Indian mythology, Raven had stolen the sun. Its light brought forth creatures from the sea.

Haida Indian Culture Essay Example

Raven continued to fly, fascinated by the sights and sounds below. One day he saw a giant clamshell which made strange noises. After much coaxing, Raven convinced the shy creatures inside to leave the shell. These proved to be the first Haida human beings. They would not be the last.

This research examines the changes in culture experienced by…

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