5 May 2017

My intervention How could you improve on productivity levels within your salon? Explain how you feel something could be improved or changed. (Please be constructive) * Human All staff who are employed are fully used in the salon. There is no waiting around and if there is a gap between clients then duties such as cleaning retail shelves, checking stock levels are undertaken. The salon is not understaffed or over staffed. There is no need for another Junior. * Stock The salon has a fully stocked retail area, which is fully stocked at all times.

However i do feel that in this area there is more retail stock on the shelves than necessary, as the salon staff do not push retail and do not have targets set for earning commission on selling. I feel retail stock could be reduced by a large amount. With regard to stock of colours there are a lot mainly semis and temporary from different brands which aren’t used and sit on the shelves. This area could also be scaled down. Regarding colours that are used a lot the ordering system is good as orders can be placed in the orning and delivered by lunchtime. Tools and equipment The salon has got all the equipment necessary if there is an issue regarding damaged equipment, and then the salon manager is very quick to rectify it.

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