Hairs and Fibers by Forensic Microscopy

4 April 2015
A breakdown of the process to match hair and fibers to a person by law enforcement officials.

This paper discusses how hairs and fibers are used in forensic research. The author explains the properties of hair, and how knowing the many varieties can help in solving a crime. Similarly, the author provides charts of various fibers and explains how a scientist can utilize this information.
“You brush up against countless people and surfaces over the course of a day. Each one leaves remnants of the contact- including fibers and hair. You pick hairs off of your clothing, clean a hairbrush, or cut loose threads from a garment; all these tiny items can be identifiable in virtually any situation. In the cases of violence or struggle, large transfers of both take place; an attacker pulls a victim’s hair out, a victim grabs at an attacker’s shirt and rips it, getting fibers under his or her nails, etc. Each piece of this minute evidence provides a means of identification and the ability to solve a crime.”

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