HAIZ EP by Hailee Steinfeld

8 August 2019

At only 18 years old, Hailee Steinfeld is already a triple threat. Actress, model and now singer. The first single off her EP ‘Haiz’ is titled ‘Love Myself’ and is a fun, upbeat and energetic song about putting yourself first and being comfortable in your own skin. The full four song EP came out on Friday November 13th alongside Justin Bieber’s ‘Purpose’ and One Direction’s ‘Made in the A.M.’ I think the EP fits in perfectly with those artists and Hailee is going to have a wonderful music career.

She recently played Emily in the movie ‘Pitch Perfect 2’ and had to sing, and she did really well. She was also The Trinity in her friend Taylor Swift’s music video ‘Bad Blood’, and went on stage with her and the music video squad at Taylor’s concert in front of tens of thousands of screaming fans.
My personal favorite song off the EP is titled ‘You’re Such A’ and is a preppy breakup song in which Hailee says “did you think that I would let you crawl right back into my bedroom, after everything we’ve been through. I know the truth that damn you’re such a difficult little devil” and goes on to name the reasons why she lost interest. The next song on the EP is titled ‘Rock Bottom’, and it describes a toxic relationship that I feel like everyone goes through at some point in their life. Hailee describes a relationship where things aren’t going very well, but they keep coming back to each other. Finally, the last song on the EP is titled ‘Hell Nos and Headphones’. The song describes situations where she has had to put her foot down and say no to things like having another drink and how she would rather be alone. Overall I really liked her EP and hope that she continues to expand into the music world.

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