Halo 2 Original Soundtrack Volume One

10 October 2019

Each of the 21 tracks on the β€œHalo 2” soundtrack brings to mind clear images of the game. The opening song, for example, clearly reminds you of the main menu screen, while the first track makes you feel like you are entering a cathedral and taking on a solemn task that may be a matter of life or death. This theme runs through the tracks because the whole game is a battle.

The second track, performed by Breaking Benjamin, is about a battle which only the strongest will survive. This is one of only five tracks with lyrics and is a powerful rock song designed to prepare the player for battle.

This CD contains a variety of music that will never bore the listener. There is modern rock, techno, and some classical music, along with jazz and soft rock, so those with different tastes can enjoy. The majority of the music features synthesizers, but many tracks include electric guitars, acoustic guitars, drums, or piano.

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Several of the longest tracks are performed by Incubus, who are planning to record for the next game in the Halo series. The Incubus tracks include a range of sounds and moods.

Almost any Halo fan will enjoy this album, but some parents or non-gamers may find it annoying. Still, even my father admitted some tracks weren’t too bad, and that says a lot about the quality of this album.

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