Hamburger Hill Film Review

A review of John Irvin’s movie about Vietnam, Hamburger Hill.

This paper is a historical film review of the John Irvin movie, Hamburger Hill. It examines the movie for content, historical accuracy and context.
John Irvin’s film, Hamburger Hill, details the events of the battle in the A Shau Valley to gain control of Dong Ap Bia (a small mountain) during the Vietnam War. It was a ten-day battle, fought up hill, from May 10, 1969 though May 20. Most of the film takes place on Dong Ap Bia (Hill 937), nicknamed Hamburger Hill by the soldiers who fought there because of the high amount of casualties. The casualty rate of this battle was 70%, (Larson 1). It consisted of several battalions attacking and retreating for ten days up the hill. Scenes in the movie that show the men scrambling up and sliding down the hill in rain and mud being bombarded by grenades and machine gun fire are horrifically graphic and, unfortunately, accurate, (Larson 1).

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