Hamid Karzai

2 February 2017

Draft Hamid Karzai is a smart an intelligent man, as well as a great leader. Throughout life we look up to smart people to be great leaders, to motivate, inspire and ultimately to lead. Not everyone possesses the ability to be a leader. Few people are capable of leading an entire country it takes an individual with a great deal of confident. I personally believe and support the idea that Hamid Karzai is a great leader.We trust that our leaders will make the proper decisions that best represent the entire population.

Hamid Karzai possessed these qualities, at the time he was probably the best person to run the country. . Throughout his presidency, Hamid Karzai experienced problems throughout the country, and that started to become an issue. Hamid Karzai is one of the top liberation leaders in the world because his role in politics, exceptional leadership qualities and bringing peace back to Afghanistan.One of Hamid Karzai’s first initiatives in rebuilding Afghanistan was politics. After finishing school in Kabul (http://www. notablebiographies.

Hamid Karzai Essay Example

com), Hamid Karzai emerged on the political scene. He began lobbying for Afghanistan where his family has been living in exile in 2001 (Profile: Hamid Karzai,). In 2002, he serves as a diplomat and an advisor anti-soviet resistance (source). Assuredly, Hamid Karzai merged on the political stage after finishing school (Source). One of most acknowledgeable accomplishments was becoming president of Afghanistan.Afghanistan had their first political election in 2004(profile: Hamid Karzai)). As a result, Hamid Karzai won the election.

As president, he worked with political organizations and army revolts in order to gain position as leader. Hamid Karzai possessed great leadership qualities. In October 2001, Hamid Karzai raised a revolt against the Taliban (Academy Of Achievement). Hamid Karzai entered the revolt with little resources such as little weapons, no outside resources and many others (Academy Of Achievement).As time went on, Hamid Karzai started to attract followers that would support his revolt (Academy Of Achievement). By December of 2001, the Taliban fled from Kandahar (profile: Hamid Karzai). Since 2004, Hamid Karzai has helped the economy grow rapidly (profile: Hamid Karzai.

) Every year, Afghanistan’s government revenue has grown every year, but still relies on foreign aid. (Profile: Hamid Karzai) One of Hamid Karzai’s biggest weaknesses was security. Even after his revolt against the Taliban, Hamid Karzai knew that he could not defend Afghanistan by Himself.Hamid Karzai went on to create a national army of 70,000 soldiers (profile: Hamid Karzai). In an article in the USA Today news, relative of Karzai who resides in Silver Spring, Maryland had this to say about his leadership. At the time Karzi was the interim government leader, the relative said, he’s the right man to put in place has the leader of the country. The relative said that Karzai was, shy, generous and an down to earth man.

The cousin indicated that Karzai cares about people and he’s friendly.I would like to add a few noted achievements Karazi did upon taking office, taking from an article: “Despite threats to his safety, Karzai launched himself into his new post of president with tireless zeal. Given the constant skirmishes between the various clan warlords his first priority was to focus on security by re-establishing a strong national army and a unified police force. In an attempt to maintain control over the scattered provinces Karzai also fired more than twenty regional officials who were accused of drug trafficking, excessive taxation, and countless other types of corruption.At the most basic level, the new president was faced with the problem of providing his citizens with the simplest necessities. After years of being ravaged by war, many Afghanis had no access to safe drinking water, electricity, or passable roads. (Hamid Karzai) To rally international support Karzai traveled to over fifteen countries, ultimately acquiring nearly $5 billion in aid.

According to analysts and members of the press, Karzai was so successful because he charmed world leaders with his mild manner, his intelligent persuasiveness, and his stylish way of dressing.Wearing business suits mixed with colorful capes and wool fezzes, the Afghanistan president struck just the right balance between a modern-day politician and a traditional nationalist (someone who feels devotion and pride in his country and who advocates for strong national independence). “(Quotes in Hamid Karzai 1) In conclusion, Hamid Karzai was a leader who took initiative by rebuilding a country economically, politically and globally. His actions as president is what transitioned Afghanistan from being a country of terror to become a country with structure and the possibility of improving their standard of living without violence.

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