Hamlet Argument #3 In the upcoming movie, The Tragedy of Hamlet, actors are required to compete against each other for the main role of Hamlet. In this challenging competition, the actors appearance, personality, and background will also be used as one of the qualifications. Denzel Washington, a man with great potential, competes against Bruce Willis, a wise and hard-cracking man for the leading role of Hamlet. These two famous actors believe they have the qualifications to act; but, they do not know how bitter this challenge will be.

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Hamlet has one of the most complex personalities In literature, hence, this enigmatic role will put the competitors to work . In the play of Hamlet, Hamlet portrays multiple characteristics of himself as an Impulsive, hesitant, violent, witty, and friendly Individual. Hamlet’s arduous personality reflects a mixture of multiple conflicts as he attempts to solve the corruption of Denmark. The declslon gets narrow as the two actors compete for the lead role. Even though the qualifications to act as Hamlet Is enigmatic, the Ideal actor who shows full potential to ead this role is Denzel Washington.

The popular movie star, Denzel Washington, has multiple experiences in acting as both the protagonist and antagonist. On the other hand, Bruce Willis, another popular movie star, has no experience as the antagonist at all, therefore, the scene of Hamlet trying to disguise himself as a crazy person will not fit for Bruce. Denzel Washington is an open minded man because he does not mind acting as the antagonist character in movies; nevertheless, he has a great reputation in acting as both the hero and the villain.

He manages to overcome movies that are out of his comfort zone. In example, Denzel Washington played in the movie, “Flight. ” In this movie, he starts off as an alcoholic pilot who ends up saving the thousands of people. This reveals the significance of his act because he struggles to be a vigorous person at the beginning of the movie, but, he ends the movie by becoming a hero. Denzel Washington’s background shows how much understanding hehas for the roles he acts in. For a fact, his background proves how much of a great person he is ehind the screen.

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Denzel Washington has served as the national spokesman for the Boys and Girl’s club, and he recently donated one million dollars to The Steve Harvey Foundation.To be specific, Denzel Washington’s capabilities to act for the character Hamlet because he shows great talents in impersonating other characters. According to his movie, Malcolm X, his act of leadership as he portrays as the civil rights leader of 1960 became famous because he Invigorated the black community, and he proposed Ideology for new generations.

Denzel Washington’s appearance Is suitable to Hamlet because he Is tall, handsome, and young. Denzel’s physical appearance gives him a step up to acting as Hamlet because Denzel Is the Ideal guy to act In the role of Hamlet. Since Polonius and Claudius are brothers, and Hamlet and Ophelia were dating, Hamlet and Ophelia should be similar In age. Hamlet Is described as a young and healthy man because appearance. One of Bruce Willis disadvantages is his appearance because he hairstyle does not match with Hamlet’s hair style. Therefore, Denzel Washington teps ahead of the competition against Bruce.

Even though Denzel Washington has potential to act as Hamlet, Denzel Washington does not have a religion. On the other hand, Bruce Willis is Christian, and he is very religious like Hamlet. Moreover, Hamlet stopped himself from suiciding because his church considers suiciding a crime. Lastly, Hamlet’s religion interferes with his opportunity to kill his uncle, Claudius, while Claudius was confessing. Hamlet is indecisive to kill Claudius because this opportunity is too soon, and he has not revealed the truth of his father’s death yet.

Hamlet awaits while he seeks for Justice for both his father and Denmark. Bruce Willis parents were very religious, nevertheless, they inspired him to become a religious person himself. As a matter of fact, Bruce Willis will understand how Hamlet feels about stopping himself from murdering Claudius without proof. Denzel Washington is not religious, and he feels free from religion. This is a disadvantage for Denzel Washington because he will not comprehend how Hamlet feels about killing himself or killing his uncle.

Additionally, having the same religion as Hamlet is an mportant qualification to act as Hamlet as well. Even though the qualifications of acting as Hamlet is abstruse, Denzel Washington is the capable actor for Hamlet because of his leadership, background, and physical appearance. Since Denzel is Atheist, religion will greatly affect his performance as Hamlet. Finding the correct leading actor for the role of Hamlet is crucial because Hamlet is not a simple person. Hamlet has a mixture of emotions that differentiate himself from everyone else in literature.

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