Hamlet: Critical and Literary Analysis

A critical analysis of various interpretations of the play.

This is a literary but critical analysis of Shakespeare’s Hamlet. The author examines a variety of interpretations of the play and argues that majority of them are too basic and fail.
Shakespeare’s Hamlet is taken as a versatile text that can be approached in a number of ways and is open to any number of interpretations. These interpretations based on literary theories help the reader develop a constrained idea of the character of the protagonist who is otherwise elusive in personality. Hamlet can be seen as a victim of fate or a victim of his own character. Tragic though his life was the reader is unsure of the underlying dynamics that rule the actions of Shakespeare’s hero. This in turn suggests that the story can be a series of dilemmas. Hamlet can be taken into a number of genres but is usually accepted as being tragic as it is analyzed on the basis of Aristotle’s definition of tragedy in the Poetics and the notes from Samuel Johnson’s interpretation of Shakespeare.

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