Hamlet vs Lion King

1 January 2017

In the Movie The Lion King Nala is a character that is close friends with Simba and is always there for him whenever needed. Both characters are loyal friends and give good advice when needed. They show a lot of respect to their friends who are the rightful kings of their land. However Horatio and Nala are different in a few ways. One main way is the fact that Simba Dates Nala and likes her. When in the play Hamlet Horatio Doesn’t date or have a crush on Hamlet. Between the two characters (Nala and Horatio) I think they have a lot in common.

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Next, Timon and Pumbaa From the movie The Lion King are most like Horatio From the play Hamlet. In The Lion King Timon and Pumbaa are two characters that help Simba most when he is down, from his father’s death. Timon and Pumbaa go with Simba everywhere kind of like Horatio. They are always there for him and will give their life for their friend. In Hamlet Horatio tries to take his life to show respect to Hamlet, and in The Lion King Timon and Pumbaa go with Simba to fight off Hyenas in the Pride Land. Even though The Lion King is based off of Hamlet there are still differences between the characters.

One major difference is when Hamlet leave for England Horatio stays home. However in The Lion King when Simba leaves that’s when he meets Timon and Pumbaa. Timon and Pumbaa are like Horatio in more ways than not. Most people might look over this mysterious character Rafiki in The movie The Lion King as being like Horatio. Even though Rafiki is not in the movie very much he still has characteristics like Horatio. Rafiki finds Simba at his lowest times and points him into the right direction. Horatio has these same characteristics.

Rafiki shows Simba the way and gives him advice. In Hamlet Horatio does the same thing pretty often. However Simba only ever meets Rafiki when he is a small cub and then when he is away from home. So even though Rafiki helps him, he doesn’t know him that well. Rafiki would be a very good character to compare to Horatio if he appeared more. Comparing Horatio from William Shakespeare’s Hamlet to Nala, Timon and Pumbaa, and Rafiki from Walt Disney’s The Lion King helps to understand Horatio’s role in the play Hamlet much better.

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