Hamlet ( William Shakespeare ) & Oedipus Rex ( Sophocles )

4 April 2015
Compares methods of detective work of plays’ protagonists in seeking killers of their fathers.

This study will compare the methods of the detective work of the protagonists in Shakespeare’s Hamlet Sophocles’ Oedipus Rex as they seek to discover the killers of their fathers (although Oedipus does not know the murdered man was, in fact, his father). The study will focus on three points of comparison: the nature and causes of the delays in the detective work of Hamlet and Oedipus; the surreptitious and indirect nature of Hamlet’s methods, compared to the public and direct approach of Oedipus; and the focus of Hamlet in the present compared to the focus of Oedipus in the past. All of these points of comparison and contrast are shaped by the fact that Hamlet is fully aware of the object of his detective work (his murderer uncle Claudius), while Oedipus does not know that the object of his search is Oedipus himself.

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