Handling Information in health and social care settings

7 July 2016

Explain why it is important in a health and social care setting to have secure systems for recording and storing information (HSC028-1. 1) In a health and social care setting, there are a number of reasons why it is important to have secure systems for recording and storing information. Some of these reasons include: To protect service users’ and even care workers’ private information from unauthorised viewing by third parties (other people who are not supposed to have access to those information) without proper reason to do so.

For confidentiality of the service user To make sure that relevant information is readily available for those who need to know, such as other service providers and law enforcement officers. To comply with the law; such as is required by the Data protection Act. Identify to laws or pieces of legislation that relate to the recording, storage and sharing of information in health and social care settings (HSC028-1. 1) The Data Protection Act 1998 controls how an individual’s personal information is used by organisations, businesses or the government.

Handling Information in health and social care settings Essay Example

It says that everyone who handles certain information or data needs to follow some strict rules. Service users must know what records are being kept and why the data is kept. In practice, it says that service user information must be confidential and can only be accessed with their consent. The Freedom of Information Act 2000 was developed to increase transparency in the public sector. Under this individuals have the right to request access to recorded information held by public sector organisations/agencies or to request to know whether information is held.

This Act does not apply to personal data. Sometimes you may have concerns about recording, storing or sharing information. Using the table below list a concern you may come across and how you would resolve this (HSC028- 2. 2) ConcernHow to resolve the issue Recording Information •Not sure what exactly to record if an incidence has occurred •Report not clearly written, not dated and or signed. •Speak to senior colleagues or Line manager •Contact colleague if known or leave a message for writings to be clearer and logs signed and dated accurately.

•Write subsequent reports clearly and legibly using simple English, making sure the information recorded are true and accurate. Storing Information Log book and folder not kept away from visitorsKeep log book in cabinet, drawer or cupboard and locked up where possible Sharing Information •Visitor or other family member asking for personal information regarding service user •Not knowing who to or what to report when there’s been an incidence like an abuse or service •Explain clearly there’s information that can or can’t be shared, suggest they contact the office directly.

•Inform line manager/office immediately. Where would you access information, advice and guidance about handling information (HSC028- 2. 1) There are a number of routes through which i can access information, advice and guidance about handling information: They include: •Company policy and procedures •Supervisor/Line manager •During induction and through training •The care worker’s hand book provided by the organisation •The service user’s information folder

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