Hanson – Middle Of Nowhere

11 November 2018

Last spring the pop rock album Hanson’s “Middle of Nowhere” came out in stores everywhere. It was a hit. The Hanson group is made up of three talented brothers, all under the age of 17 – Zac Hanson (age 11) on drums and vocals, Taylor Hanson (age 13) on keyboards and vocals, and Isaac Hanson (age 16) on piano, guitar, and vocals. Hanson’s number one hit “MMM Bop” moved up the line from number ten to number one on the top 10. “Middle Of Nowhere” reached as far up as number six on the album charts and “MMMBop” made number one on the single charts on MTV.

Other songs on the album include “Thinking of You,” a fast but easy flowing song, “I Will Come to You” and “Where’s the Love,” a hard but sexy song. Singing songs with great lyrics, Hanson will be popular for some time. Their fame is growing rapidly. Many people speak badly of them because of jealousy over their money and fame.

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Just because you don’t like a group does not mean you have the right to dump all over them.

If you are crazy over this group, another song that I recommend is “Weird,” a slow-moving song with great lyrics. If you like pop rock, then Hanson’s “Middle of Nowhere” is the CD for you. I recommend it to everyone.

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