Happiness Is a Choice

What is happiness? There’s no general definition of happiness. Happiness varies from person to person because everyone has a different perception of what happiness actually is. Some get happiness from success, some from wealth, some from social status while some from love. Happiness indeed is a choice.

For me; happiness is family and friends. Also in my diary, all the happy moments I ever had in my life are spent with them. My parents and my siblings play a major role in my happiness and satisfaction. The Almighty have blessed me with a big and supporting family. They made me a grateful person. I believe ungrateful people can never be happy in their life because happiness comes with appreciating little things and spreading love.

Happiness is a must in life. In my opinion, happiness completely depends on one’s own attitude. Its inevitable that human nature will see the negative energy but preferring the brighter side of the picture will make him positive and happy. After all it’s the attitude and outlook towards life that matters because we’ve seen many who have almost everything in their lives, and yet are unhappy. On the other hand , they are people who have suffered a lot but still happy with their lives. My belief is if one has a positive outlook towards life and is determined to see the positivity then certainly he’ll be happy throughout. I’d like to sum up with this quote:
“Happiness is an inside job” -William Arthur

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