Happy Meal

1 January 2017

Write a press release for Mc Donald’s in response to the decision by San Fransisco city authorities ban MC Donald’s from giving toys with Happy Meals unless thes improve the nutritional content of the food. The Happy Meal has been created in 1979. But now, the San Fransisco authorities want to avoid Mc Donald to put toys in the box for children. Nobody can deny that the food from Mc Donnald’s is good for people, however, forbide to the company to put toys in his happy meals is not necessary.

Inded it will be a probleme for the company, not because it’s a way to addict children to the foods, because there is lot of poeple who are working for this toys. If the the toys are forbidden, it’s more than 1,000 people who will lost their job. It’s also weird to do that, because, lot of poeple tell that the food is dangerous for health, some of them are parents, and it doesn’t avoid them to bring their own child in a Mc Donald’s restaurant. The happy meals target the young people who have less than 10 years.

Happy Meal Essay Example

Those young people are completely depending on parents. Without parents, any happy meal will be sold anymore ! Mc donald’s is not guilty if some young people are “addict to the junk food”, it’s because of the parents who bring them in the fast food. Also, San Fransisco may have to prefer spending money to make prevention for parents about the junk food than to forbid Mc Donald giving presents to children. The choice for the parents to give what they want to their children is called liberty, but being prevented cannot be a bad thing for these families.

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