Hard work and dedication are important values

6 June 2016

Hard work and dedication are important values that can contribute to the development and growth of a person. Given the challenges that may come along the way, we can use this to help us stand up and continue fighting on. This in turn helps facilitate learning and appreciation in an intensified manner. Since I believe that hard work can transcend over talents and skills, it is one facet that I had continuously sought to improve and develop.

Looking back, I had understood the meaning of the concept and started developing it back when I was still a kid. At such a young age, my father has given me many responsibilities in life that I had to accomplish. What started out as little things such as throwing the garbage or washing the dishes became finding a good job to sustain my studies. I will have to admit first that I was skeptic about his true intentions. As a kid, I thought that he was only punishing me for my actions and attitudes. However, it is only now that I began to realize what he wants me to be.

Hard work and dedication are important values Essay Example

I now began to realize the essential component of what my father is giving. He was only trying to protect and nurture me in a good manner. This is because he gave me responsibilities and training at such a young age. This served as a preparation for me in the different and increasing challenges that may become apparent. Though he was still protective and administers majority of decisions, he still allows me to discover my potentials and talents but with rules and limitations.

This helped shape my personality and relates to who I am because it gave me the motivation and desire that anything can be achieved given a considerable amount of effort. As I tread along my professional career, I will continuously use this facet to find way to better myself and the people around me. Moreover, it opens doors for new opportunities available for me to consider. This makes me satisfied and proud because all outcomes positive or negative all resulted with the amount of time and effort that I exerted. Also, as I showcase this trait to other people, I can be of inspiration that can contribute to better performance of the people around me.

On the other hand, dedication is another value that stems from hard work. As I try to apply the value of hard work, in the process, dedication becomes apparent and recognized by others. It is with this that I can earn the trust of my peers and related colleagues. This trait makes me proud because it enhances what I have and paves the way for greater benefits in the future.

In the end, these two values have been instrumental towards the realization of my dreams and aspirations in life. As I walk a new path of my life and career, I seek to provide and create new opportunities to grow and develop as a person.

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