Hard Work Beats Talent When Talent Fails to Work Hard

12 December 2016

LeBron James is a native of Akron, Ohio he grew up in his single parent home not knowing his biological father. He was determined to succeed as a superstar basketball player yet still have the time to give back to the city that made him. To discretely describe LeBron’s success, I’d say “hungry” because with his hunger and fear of failure he has cultivated his game and life into a multi-million dollar business. James was worth 90 million dollars before he stepped on a NBA basketball court.

The dreams he had as a child were exceeding, when he came back to his little hometown of Akron and built a recreation center for the low income side of town where his was raised. Furthermore James just recently won an NBA Championship with the Miami Heat which generates thousands of dollars of revenue into the City of Miami. Lastly even though his life and career has yet to be complete he has utilized his success in basketball to impact his success in life and others in his life and community.

Hard Work Beats Talent When Talent Fails to Work Hard Essay Example

Five NBA Championships, 81 points in a single game, Slam Dunk Champion, 2 Finals MVP, Nickname the Black Mamba could surely define Kobe Bryant as one of the Greatest Basketball players to walk this earth. Bryant is universally known as an icon. Truthfully speaking Bryant has impacted the world with his clutch finishes, Nike shoe brand, and his persona alone solidifies his success as a basketball player and human being. Kobe speaks five different languages, so he can relate to other cultures on and off the court.

A Philadelphia native Kobe was raised in Italy where his father played professionally for a stint in his basketball career. So it would be safe to say Bryant is very cultured in his decisions and his choices of giving back not only to his community but also to countries and cultures. His success in life is define by him doing the necessary; meaning honoring his gift that he was blessed with and understanding his path as an iconic role model. Lastly the most dominate big man in NBA history Shaquille

O’Neal has not only earned his doctoral while competing on the highest level of basketball but 4 NBA champions, 3 Finals MVP, broken goals, and shattered backboards his dominance defines greatness on and off the court. Through his hard work and dedication Shaq has yet to spend his earning from his NBA career. Shaq lives off his endorsements and sponsors. At a young age Shaquille was destine for Showtime with his gregarious personality and humungous stature. His father was an Army Lutinant, they traveled vastly around the country ending him up in college at LSU. Shaq spent three years at LSU before declaring for the NBA draft.

Nevertheless his success was yet to be revealed on the court at the start of his career. While playing basketball he was also pursuing a rap an acting career. Shaq was traded to the Miami Heat and immediately made an impact on the city becoming a volunteer police officer for Miami Beach police department. We could continue talking about Shaq’s illustrious career as a ball player; his life after basketball has created jobs and keeps companies in business due to his career as a basketball star. The Game could be used as an acronym G-going A-above M-majorities E-expectations.

Meaning as you dribble drive through life there isn’t always a pick and roll to bail you out of a bad situation. Gambling on the defensive side is critical because it can leave behind on the end of a fast break. These three magnificent athletes have not only reached the pinnacle of basketball greatness but have impacted many lives in their strides to exceeding their expectations for a successful life. So the game of basketball is a connection of life with obstacles and failure just too successfully reach a common goal. Which is success and fulfillment of life within!

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