Harry Chapin Food Bank Essay Sample

The Harry Chapin Food Bank of Southwest Florida is a non-profitable organisation which is besides known as the Lee County Food Cooperative. The chief duty of the organisation was to administer many nutrient merchandises that were held by the federal authorities to all households and persons in demand. Their mission was to get the better of hungriness throughout the counties of Southwest Florida. Throughout this essay I will acquire more into debt about the history and people behind this organisation. the maps. and how people can fall in and assist others through this voluntary work. In the late 1970’s was when hungriness started going an issue in the United States. The adult male behind all this work was Harry Chapin himself. Harry was best known as a common people or stone performing artist. and it was with the raised money from his public presentations that he helped to contend against all the huger issues. The battle against hungriness became his cause and passion. He went through a batch of attempt and clip to seek to convert people from the Congress and the staff to assist continue to solutions to work out the job of hungriness. In New York was where he foremost established a hotline to the battle against hungriness.

Unfortunately Chapin died in a auto accident at the age of 39 in the twelvemonth 1981 the dark he was scheduled to make another benefit concert. A twosome old ages subsequently he was really good deserved the award the Particular Congressional Gold Medal for his legion attempts against the battle of hungriness. In the late 1980’s the nutrient bank had grown so much it was in demand of a new installation. By this clip the nutrient bank became one of the sole distributers for USDA and FEMA in Southwest Florida. They became supported by many events like the Publix Holiday Food Drive and many other well-known nutrient thrusts. and besides got entree to donated nutrient from topographic points outside the province of Florida. 1994 became a really of import twelvemonth for the Food Bank with the support of many foundations many private every bit good as corporate contributions made it possible to purchase a meat processing works in Fort Myers and became the new place for them. During the twelvemonth the name of Harry Chapin was honored and added to the name of the nutrient bank. Even to this twenty-four hours the Harry Chapman Food Bank continues to turn and spread out assisting the demands of all the people contending hungriness conflicts in Southwest Florida.

The nutrient bank helps supply nutrient to over 30. 000 people each month. Statisticss show that that the nutrient has helped administer 12. 5 million lbs of nutrient. with a value of over 20 million dollars to many Floridians in demand. In December of 2008 this organisation leased a new warehouse that is set to supply for a future enlargement and nutrient distribution for the attempt of run intoing the demands of all these households and persons. Since the move to this new location they have been able to assist more than 108 % of the persons they were assisting. This nutrient bank wouldn’t be able to be made possible if it wasn’t for all the voluntaries and workers that twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours do this all go on and maintain the organisation traveling.

Anyone interested in volunteering can entree the chief managers online over electronic mail or over the phone. all the information is located on the nutrient Bankss page ; World Wide Web. harrychapinfoodbank. org One individual can do so much alteration and assist so much to less unfortunate anyone merely like Harry Chapin can do their voice be heard and be the light to all those that need support and aid. The Harry Chapin Food Bank is an organisation that has been supplying aid to contend against hungriness over the old ages. The nutrient bank has grown enormously thanks to its chief patron Mr. Harry Chapin. Thankss to all his finding and work to get the better of hunger the nutrient bank is able to assist 1000s of people in Southwest Florida. This organisation is a small visible radiation of hope to all the unfortunates out at that place. To this twenty-four hours this organisation keeps turning with all the support of all the voluntaries and assistants.

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