Harry Trueman Inside Out ?

9 September 2016

The RobbersIn the novel Inside Out by terry trueman,the character Zach ah schizophrenia ,and then goes into a local cafe to get a maple bar and waits for his mom to come pick him up. But at an instant the cafe is getting robbed. Zach doesn’t know what to do,so so he listens to what the robbers says and goes with the other hostages. These boys are all similar in one certain way as they are often judge and misunderstood by society ,yet different in ther own way in witch they deal with there problems and / conflicts in life.

When the cafe is getting robbed thet start to talk to Zach and tell him to be quiet and as they talk they all learn about the conflicts they have in there lives. The robbers Frosty and Stormy are liestening Zach story about his mental illness and how he tried to kill himself and Frosty and Stormy get freaked out. But then Frosty tells Zach about there mothers cancer and Zach feels bad for them, but then Frosty and Stormy feel bad for Zach at the same time. They are all similar in away there all social rejects and they feel like there on there own and seeking there own problems. Like by robbing the cafe for money with guns.

Harry Trueman Inside Out ? Essay Example

When Frosty and Stormy are robbing the cafe they get into there feeling by talking to Zach and finding out someone has a harder and more difficult life then they do. In witch it triggerd them to have more pitty on Zach. In that event it made Zach and Frosty and Stormy have a better relshionshipat the end of the story. There friendship lead to Frosty and Stormy getting help with them there peace agreement with the police. Its clear that these boys Zach, Frosty, and Stormy are all similar as they are often judged and misunderstood by society. But all are different and good in there own way

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