New Zealand

10 October 2018

1. New Zealand is a country in the Pacific Ocean.2. One of the most important problems in New Zealand is pollution which called nitrogen pollution.

3. Cows and some animals are causes of that pollution because of their digestive systems.4. Some algae species cover the lakes and rivers due to that pollution because these algae species live in lakes and rivers which have a lot of nitrogen.5. Clean water scarcity is at the beginning of problems in NZ (New Zealand). However, people and government try on some new project to prevent this problem.

New Zealand Essay Example

6. For example, due to that problem 3,000 people struggle from drinking water which is not enough clean to drink7. Some politician claims that they can stop pollution and have a lot of drinkable clean water with the help of building a dam on the rivers.8. On the other hand, there are some differences between people’s opinion. Some of people says we can stop that problem without building a dam.9.

They did an election to choose their president to Hawke’s Bay. Finally, Paul Bailey won the election.10. They want to change their polluted areas and some agriculture types.11. Paul Bailey did his promise and Hawke’s Bay is getting cleaner day by day.12.

We’ll see the result maybe after 15 years.New Zealand is one of the most beautiful country in the world but, nowadays in New Zealand is being polluted by the people’s requests and needs. However, these are not completely need. Most people want to earn more money than ever. As you know, cows and some 4-feet animal spread methane gases to atmosphere so, these gases could be very harmful for ozone layer and some water sources. Cows and cattle are very effective economic sources for theirs people. Most water sources are polluted by cows.

nitrate due to some bacteria which are completely having to live in nitrate areas. Agricultural systems need to irrigate every time so, people use drinkable water sources to feed and irrigate their corps. This is the one of the causes of this problem. Second problem is water pollution in cities. In Hawke Bay approximately 30,000 people live. In one day their drink water was polluted by someone or some causes. People were ill because of the lack of clean water.

Now they must do one election for their future and their own needs. One of these persons is argue that we can change the pollution with the help of build a dam which isn’t able to pass the water and nitrate. Another person claims that we don’t must to build a dam. Also, we can stop this pollution with a personal education and some laws. Finally, Paul Bailey who wants to build a dam won the election and he must be right his promise which contains build a dam and cleaning water. We’ll see you the result maybe after 20 years.Title: South Africa Corruption Inc.

Link: 25 minutes and 1 second 25:011. South Africa officially the Republic of South Africa is the southernmost country in Africa.2. Corruption is one of the biggest problem in South Africa.

3. In April 2018, South African President Jacob Zuma forced from office because of corruption.4. The billionaire Gupta brothers are blamed by judge for their connection between government5.

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