Hatco Data

1 January 2017

The data set consists of 100 observations on 14 separate variables. Three types of information were collected. The first type of information is the perception of HATCO on seven attributes identified in past studies as the most influential in the choice of suppliers. The respondents, purchasing managers of firms buying from HATCO, rated HATCO on each attribute.

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Each of these 7 variables was measured on a graphic rating scale, where a 10 centimeter line was drawn between the endpoints, with the left endpoint labeled “Poor” and the right endpoint labeled “Excellent”. Respondents indicated their perceptions by making a mark anywhere on the line. The mark was then measured, and the distance from the left endpoint was recorded (in centimeters). The result was a scale ranging from 0 to 10, rounded to a single decimal place. The second type of information relates to actual purchase outcomes. The third type of information contains general characteristics of the purchasing companies.

Perceptions of HATCO X1 Delivery Speed Amount of time it takes to deliver the product once an order has been received X2 Price Level Perceived level of price charged by product suppliers X3 Price Flexibility Perceived willingness of HATCO representatives to negotiate price on all types of purchases X4 Manufacturer’s Image Overall image of the manufacturer or supplier X5 Overall Service Overall level of service necessary for maintaining a satisfactory relationship between supplier and purchaser X6 Sales Force Image Overall image of the manufacturer’s salesforce X7 Product Quality Perceived level of quality of a particular product (e. . , performance or yield) Purchase Outcomes X9 Usage Level What percentage of the firm’s total product is purchased from HATCO X10 Satisfaction Level How satisfied the purchaser is with past purchases from HATCO [0 (=low) to 10 (=high)] Purchaser Characteristics X8 Size of Firm 1=large, 0=small X11 Specification Buying 1=evaluates each purchase separately, 0=uses specification buying X12 Structure of Procurement 1=centralized procurement, 0=decentralized procurement X13 Type of Industry 1=industry A, 0=other industries X14 Type of Buying Situation 1=new task, 2=modified rebuy, 3=straight rebuy

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