Have the Roles of Women Improved over the 20th Century in Britain?

4 April 2015
A paper that argues that conditions for British women have improved greatly during the 20th Century.

The author of the paper argues that the twentieth century has seen significant improvements for women in Britain. The issues and events mentioned in support of this are the Suffragette Movement, the two world wars, the decline of industry and the freedom given to women in all spheres of society.
“By the end of the twentieth century women can now go into virtually any job they want, they can serve in frontline armed forces, become doctors, scientists, editors, managers and politicians. In the year 2000, 1 in 5 women earn more than their working partner and on average women earn 75% of a male workers hourly wage. In some professions women still say there is a “glass ceiling” but in time, through the continuing change of peoples attitudes there will be an equal playing field. All this has been made possible because women now have choice, events and people throughout the century have made this possible, from Emmeline Pankhurst’s militant tactics to mass employment for women during two world wars.” .
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