Haven by Kamelot

12 December 2019

Kamelot is back everyone with yet another great album. Kamelot is my favorite Floridian metal band because it combines classical music with some great power metal elements and lumps it all into either Neo Classical or Symphonic metal. With Haven, the still continue to just that with this giant wall of orchestrated sound behind them. This album also features guest vocalists from Charlotte Wessels(Delain), Marco Hietala(Nightwish), and Alica White(Arch Enemy).
I find alot of the tracks to be quite interesting to me, while there isn’t much of a concept unlike Silverthorn or The Black Halo, each track does have its own story to mention. Say for example My Therapy focuses on therapeutic things and has a protagonist that does seem genuinely troubled. Or in Veil of Elysium where they go and cross Romeo and Juliet and Edger Allen Poe, well not really but that’s just to make a point.

As for the guest vocalists part in this we might as well talk about that. Like I said, the guest vocalists include Charlotte Wessels, Marco Hietala, and Alica White and at least the women in this list have some good parts in the songs they star in. Charlotte stars in the ballad Under A Grey Sky and despite her band being quite anthemic for symphonic metal, her voice can easily fit into a beautiful ballad such as this. Alica takes up the Tracks Liar Liar and Revolution with the inclusion of her classic growling metalcore/melodic death metal vocals. Somehow with the frantic and heavy music in these two tracks, this works really well even if it is only a couple seconds at a time. Also the track Liar Liar is the longest in length at nearly six minutes and right in the middle even goes into a soft section of almost nothing and then returns to frantic. Kind of sounds like Meshuggah`s Elastic track just less haunting and not as heavy.
Though there is a lack of diversity in sound, which does bring it down a notch, do expect this to appear at the end of the year. I give this a 9/10 and before I go, let me leave you on a higher note: welcome back Thomas Youngblood.

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