Having Cerebral Palsy in My World

It is not easy having this disability this disability is common to have Cerebral Palsy. It has to do a lot with your body and muscle action you have going on with your body. Cerebral Palsy is very hard to live with every day life and everything that you do.
It is not easy living with it. You might not now what happens to people that have it it might be difficult to be around because you might not be aware of them having it. My family has to live in fear because they don’t want anything to happen to me when I am in school or at home so they over looking of me being around anybody.
I had to take some hard falls in life when we found out that I had Cerebral Palsy. When I was younger everything changed in my life and my family’s life. So people don’t understand what goes on in my everyday life. My life is normal but I just have Cerebral Palsy. It is something that nobody now’s a lot about because a lot of people are not around people who have Cerebral Palsy.

I thought I would have a normal life like everybody else does out there today do. People always think it is funny to sit there and pick on me or other people that has Cerebral Palsy but it is not funny at all. It is not easy having to live this way all the time or having to deal with it everyday. People think it is a big thing to be around people that have Cerebral Palsy but it is not funny. It is not easy living my life everyday it is not a joke not being able to do a lot of things on my own.
I am not able to drive or do a lot of other things that other kids can do in a everyday life because of the disability t hat I have to live with everyday not being able to do a lot of things on my own. Having to lean on my mom and dad for support when I need the help or if I even don’t need the help I still ask for the help when I don’t need any help from my mom and dad. Even if

I don’t need any help or support when I want to go some where with anybody or any of my family member’s that are in my life today even my boyfriend I depend on him a lot to help me get through the day sometimes because some days I feel like I cant even get through the day with falling or crying all the time.

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