HCI and Artificial Intelligence

4 April 2015
A discussion about Human Computer Interaction (HCI) and artificial intelligence.

This paper describes HCI as the process by which the human enters data into a computer and the computer processes that data and returns new data to the person, and this HCI assists in the perceived artificial intelligence that computers have. The writer explores the ways humans interact with their computers and how that is tied to the concept of artificial intelligence.
“Artificial intelligence can be promoted as the result of HCI because it is what the computer does with the information and that information cannot be input with anything but human support and foundation(Tenner, 1994). There are many instances that underscore the artificial intelligence and human computer input and their team efforts. The HCI is involved when a pilot sees visually that there is fog on the ground that is so thick he cannot possibly see the terminal to land. He then programs some coordinates and data into the computer and the computer takes over and lands the plane for the pilot.”

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