He is We by He is We

12 December 2019

The occasion to expose the impending and now more and more, popular musicians and singers of the band “He is We” who have mastered the technique of capturing almost genuine specifics of life.
Who would have thought that a group of such talented performers could be hidden beneath the “Mainstream” of the radio.
I for one am stunned by the lead singers quantity in her voice, able to strike some terrain no other you would classically listen to on the little box of static you call a “Music Station”, it is almost an insult.
Her volume is just so possessive over ones emotions. It flows naturally and can easily skip from one beat to another with the range of the harmony behind it.

The initial song I heard was “Too Beautiful” and the association it made with my life, is just fantastic. My mother had an abusive boyfriend ( How I was conceived. ) and the song reminds me so much of what she went through during her pregnancy, and the marvel that I even made an appearance into this world.
She truly does find such great aspects in life to reflect on,
“Love Life” , “Breathe” , “Kiss it All Better” , and “Give it All” have become a few of my favorites personally.
Each has an individual undisclosed meaning that you find just by sitting there and imagining what it could mean.

He is We by He is We Essay Example

Love. Adulation. Respect. Daunted. I cannot explain how I feel when I listen.

I would recommend this for anyone- she really does include such sentiments in her statements when she sings and the most excellent fraction of it is, you do not need to be required to as a “good singer” to join her, in reality, one of my closest friends can sound like a dying dog when singing some of her preferred Country songs, but with a number of of this groups particular albums, she sounds like a celebrity.

I truly do wish you took time to read this analysis and mirror on it by catching up on some of this bands outstanding excellence and superiority in their music.

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