Head Start Teaching Project Essay Research Paper

Head Start Teaching Project Essay, Research Paper


John P. Newcomb

March 15,1999


A. The communicating accomplishments used in this instruction undertaking were geared toward ages 4 to 5 old ages old. In order to be effectual I needed to maintain the diction at a degree that the kids could understand. This was done by utilizing word such as experiencing sad in topographic point of word like disturbance that could be misinterpreted by the kid. By maintaining the diction in a concrete mode that the kids could associate to do my communicating with them effectual and I feel the communicating between the kids and my-self was really effectual.

B. To command the state of affairs the kids foremost need to cognize that I was traveling to give a instruction undertaking. This was done by Mrs. Lisa the category instructor, informing so about my undertaking. By holding them sit on the floor and follow my way we would play a game were I asked inquiries and allow one kid reply at a clip giving me the control.

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When one kid talk out of bend I would state them that it was non their bend and have them wait until their bend came about. Besides holding been with the kids the hebdomad before they knew I was a individual of authorization this played a major portion in the regard that the kids gave to me during the activity. I felt that control was ne’er an issue in my instruction undertaking and the existent ground for this may hold been do merely to my gender. I hope this was non the instance.

C. Creativity and flexibleness is ever the instance when seeking to learn particularly in this age group. The creativeness I used was to utilize colourful and amusing images along with manus marionettes. Sing that the kids were fring involvement I let them utilize the marionettes this work for a short clip merely. As I sensed the kids turning tiered of this game I went to the 2nd activity I planed in instance the first did non work. This flexibleness of pick seemed to work and this continued my undertaking and maintained a merriment larning experience for all involved. This surrogate program saved the subject of the undertaking and kept the kids engaged for the continuance of allotted clip.

D. The application of nursing cognition came in by cognizing the importance of the emotional wellness and the impact that it has on a kid. Emotionally healthy kid can larn easier and execute better in all school activities. This country of health is one country school nurses have tried to convey out in the unfastened for many old ages and merely now is the educational constitution analyzing it really closely. By increasing the kid? s emotional well being both the kids and community as a whole will profit by potentially maintaining the kid from prosecuting in offense and off drugs.


A ) The consequences of this instruction undertaking were apparent by the kids? s ability to place the feelings of unhappiness, lunacy, and felicity. The pupils were besides able to place these emotions of unhappiness, lunacy, and felicity in other kids. The kids were able to pass on the state of affairss that made them experience sad, huffy, or happy. For illustration, the figure one event that made the kids mad is when another chil

vitamin D takes a plaything that they were playing with at that clip. The other cardinal point in judging the effectivity was the kids? s ability to cognize when they have caused other kids to experience one of the above emotions. The premier illustration given by the kids was once more related to playthings and noted that they wholly understand that by take a plaything off from a kid that was playing with it at that clip will do the feeling of first lunacy so sadness. This understanding how of all time did non halt the kid from taking the plaything and would normally stop by ether the kid weeping after the plaything was taken off or a physical confrontation over the plaything which needs grownup intercession. With the kids? s ability to place these emotion increased I feel that the aims for this instruction undertaking have been met. The feedback that I received from the kids was reflected in their responses to the activity while the group was actively engaged in it and given the kids? s responses I would hold to state it was positive.

Even with the positive consequence of this instruction undertaking there would be some alterations that I would do in the event that this undertaking is given once more. First I would sit up in a chair above the kids this would give me grater control over the group and aid maintain order. The 2nd thing would be to better the activity it? s ego, this could be done by non seting the image on the floor but instead have them hanging up beside me and indicate to the image that reflects the proper emotion so ask the kids what makes them experience that manner. This will assist guarantee that all the kids have a opportunity to react. I feel these betterments will heighten the effectivity of the activity.

B ) Implications for nursing pattern are related to increasing the emotion good being of kids in this age group. By prosecuting in this type of activity a nurse can assist place kids with emotion jobs or kids that may be at hazard of development of an emotional jobs. The school nurse is normally one of the first medical professionals to place possible emotional upsets and demands to prosecute in activity for early sensing. By early intercession the nurse can urge farther action out side of the school scene by following up with the parent and other medical professionals to better the kid? s mental wellness. This country of nursing pattern is a critical portion of a nurse? s professional life and the accomplishments of observation are critical to the well being of the client entrusted to his or her attention.

C ) Over all I feel that this educational experience was really rewarding. I had the chance to pattern communicating accomplishments and to sharpen my ability to form an activity that has far making nursing deduction. For my-self I find prosecuting in topics that force me into confronting emotional issues hard. But I believe by actively seeking out this sort of interaction I will be a better nurse and able to assist my future client in a more effectual mode. Besides this undertaking has given me a better apprehension of the importance of communicating at this degree of development and the far making implication mental wellness has on instruction demands of kids.

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