Headless Mice

9 September 2016

Of Headless Mice…and Men by Charles Krauthammer 3. But you don’t have to be a genius to see the true utility of manufacturing headless creatures: for their organs-fully formed, perfectly useful, ripe for plundering. 4. Researches found the gene that tells the embryo to produce the head. They delete it. They are thinking of doing this with humans as a future source of organs. They want to convince a skeptical public that it is perfectly ok. The headless clone solves the facsimile problem.

It is a gateway to the ultimate vanity: immortality. The deliberate creation of headless humans must be made a crime, indeed a capital crime. 5. Cloning is the technology of narcissism, and nothing satisfies narcissism like immortality. 6. Headless human clones. Just the thought of it seems immoral. To actually think that scientist would want to have a human being somewhat “alive” kept in some crazy cold room hooked up to machines to keep them breathing, sounds wacky to me.

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Yet they have already done it to mice and tadpoles, but of course those are just small little animals. The thing that doesn’t make any sense would be to have them just for organ supply. This essay seems too sci-fi for me. To try and harvest organs just so that people could be immortal is very far fetched. To try to switch old organs to new ones really wouldn’t keep you immortal. Because the skin ages, bones get weak and you would have to basically cut your head off and place it on the other body for this to even work. Good luck with that.

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