9 September 2016

The U. S. Government Should Tax Junk Food According to the Health and Medical Research Foundation, the U. S. is the fattest country in the world. The percentage of over weight people has been doubled in the last fifty years. So that today an incredible 2/3 of the American population is over weight and 1/3 is obese. Fast food of little nutrition value is cheap, but it is a major cause of obesity. In an article by Kathleen Parker, entitled “Time to Tax Junk Food” the author, proposes that the U. S. government should tax junk food. Parker believes that junk food is of little nutritional value and high in fat, sugar, and calories.

Thus, three of every five adult Americans are obese or over weight which cause diabetes, heart disease and/or inability to exercise. She goes on to argue that high taxes on cigarettes have turned out to be the most effective weapon in the effort to reduce smoking so we should definitely tax junk food top stop obesity just like we tax cigarettes to stop cancer. I believe that the U. S. government should tax junk food because it can help obese children to have healthy food habits, and there will be fewer medical problems for obese people. First, the U. S. government should tax junk food because it can help obese people to stop eating junk food.

Most obese people have high blood sugar because of eating unhealthy foods and little or no exercise. For example, when junk food is cheap and good food is expensive, obese people want to buy food because they can get more food for a low price. When the U. S. government taxes junk foods, people who like to eat junk food or cheap food will try to buy healthy food instead of cheap food. For example, if a bowl of chicken salad costs $3 dollars and a burger is $3 dollars, too, obese people will start to eat healthy food, not cheap or junk food because they know it will lead to being over weight and unhealthy.

Taxing junk food can help obese people to make a right decision and stay away from obesity. Furthermore, the U. S. government should tax the junk food to achieve the goal of having fewer obese children and more healthy families. Junk food is not good for anybody, especially for children. Junk food makes people tired, and it can make them very unhealthy. When the U. S. government taxes all the junk foods, parents will try to get healthy food for their children and family. Parents will teach children how to put nutritious lunches and snacks.

Of course, parents can’t control what children eat outside of home, but once children see how great they feel after eating a healthy meal, they will want to eat healthy food outside of home too. According to the American Health Association, children who eat healthy food feel more awake and energized. Also, children who eat healthy food had significantly high math scores than kids who didn’t eat as healthy. The U. S. government taxes junk food, it can help parents of obese children to eat healthy and change their children’s’ and families life style. Another reason the U. S. overnment should tax junk food is because obese people will have fewer medical problems. Too many people in the U. S. are over weight, and too many children are obese. If the government taxes fatty foods, people would think twice before buying fatty foods that aren’t healthy and that can lead to medical problems. Obese people have a much higher chance of getting a long list of diseases, including: high blood pressure, high cholesterol, strokes and breathing problems. It is difficult to care for obese patients properly in the hospital. Also, it can be trouble-moving patients to an ambulance and through hospitals. So, when the U.

S. government taxes junk food, people will start thinking before buying that food. They will make better choices to eat healthy foods and eat less food. In order to stop the growth of medical problems, obese people need to start eating healthy. In conclusion, taxing junk food can help obese people to change their lifestyle and build healthier habits and choices. Parents can help their obese children to eat healthy, which can effect their education. Eating the right kinds of food instead of unhealthy food can help obese people to stay healthy with fewer medical problems. Also, people will live longer and look forward to new things.

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