Health and Social Care

10 October 2016

In this assignment you will demonstrate your understanding of safeguarding adults. You will describe different types of abuse, the signs and symptoms associated with them and what to do if you are aware of or suspect an individual has been abused or you note unsafe practice. You will research failings in care services and explore how best practice can help to keep individuals safe.

Describe what a social care worker must do if unsafe practice is reported but nothing is done to ensure it is corrected. 1 Health and Social Care Assignment 3. Describe three factors that may make individuals more vulnerable to abuse than others. 4. Explain how adopting a person centred approach which offers choices and upholds rights can empower an individual and help to reduce the likelihood of abuse. 5. Explain how encouraging and promoting active participation can help to reduce the likelihood of abuse. . Explain how an effective and easy to use complaints procedure can help to reduce the likelihood of abuse. 2 Health and Social Care Assignment TASK 2 Identify two reports on serious failures to protect individuals from abuse. Write an account that describes the unsafe practices in the reviews. Suggested word count: 400 words TASK 3 Create a booklet about safeguarding, which can be used as a reminder for people who work in the care profession.

The booklet must: • Describe in your own words what is meant by the following types of abuse: • Physical abuse • Sexual abuse • Emotional/psychological abuse • Financial abuse • Institutional abuse • Self neglect • Neglect by others • Identify signs and symptoms of the different types of abuse • Explain the correct actions to take if you suspect an individual is being abused • Explain the correct actions to take if an individual tells you they are being abused • Identify how to ensure that any evidence of abuse is kept safe • Identify the national policies that set out requirements for safeguarding individuals • Identify the local and organisational systems for safeguarding • Explain the roles of different agencies and professionals that are involved in safeguarding individuals • Identify sources of advice, support and information to help social care workers understand their own role in safeguarding 3 Health and Social Care Assignment

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