Health and Social Care Adults Essay Sample

9 September 2017

Undertaking b your work function.

Bi im am employed to work at st. Anthony`s attention place for 44hrs a hebdomad as a attention helper. I can be asked to work displacements in our sister place. I am entitled to hold 5 hebdomads vacation per twelvemonth if I wish to end my contract I must give a months notice if my employer wants my contract they have to give me two months notice. in my contract it states I must go to all compulsory preparation and comply with policies and processs

Health and Social Care Adults Essay Sample Essay Example

Bii On your wage faux pas you should hold the name of the company that employs you. your full name and staff ID figure. the sum you earn. You should besides hold an thought of the day of the month you will have the payment. Besides any tax write-offs made such as revenue enhancement and your revenue enhancement codification and societal security figure should be on at that place.

Biii two alterations of information you must describe is

Change of reference
Change of name

Biv the process

I would take is if a co-worker is making or has done something that is non right I would near in a professional mode and inquire if they do this in the proper manner or non make it at all as it is non the right manner to make so. if is still go oning I would describe to nurse in charge to cover with the state of affairs. if still non been dealt with I would so describe to the director to cover with and if no farther actions have been taken I would so compose a formal missive of ailment to country director as this could non travel on any longer within the workplace my function is to do certain that when covering with written attention plans that I have used are to be locked off in a safe topographic point so that others that come into the edifice are non able to entree these as they are confidential unless permission has been given.


If a service user wanted to raise a grudge. if I was in the place to decide it I could seek and assist with this state of affairs. and if it was something that I could non decide myself I would hold to manus this over to my director so that they can decide the state of affairs.


if there is struggles with staff within the workplace you may hold to see the director to hold a meeting to seek and decide these struggles. and besides if you have a struggle with a service user you would hold to document this in there attention program.


our company policy has a zero tolerance policy on favoritism and if found to be know aparting you could be disciplined.


to guarantee the wellness and safety of yourself and others looking out for jeopardies and thing that could be a danger to fall and describe to your director.


to maintain service users private information locked off from others that aren’t aloud to look in these confidential files and unless you are a physician etc and that permission is given.


any maltreatment that has been seen or suspected you must describe this to you line director. and this will be held in assurance so the state of affairs can be dealt with.

Bvi my function contributes by giving the attention and support to the best of my cognition and to assist the service users be more independent and do their ain picks to be able to bask being every bit independent as they can be and to be able to pass on with other service users within the place.


I can act upon the the quality of the service provided by puting a good illustration and following the the proper agreed ways of working to keep that the work is carried out right therefore the attention and support would be at a higher criterion. non transporting out the work function right could ensue in service user being injured or worse and besides we as carers are at that place to be able to assist attention and back up these people that have come into the environment. and is our occupation to be able to seek and advance mugwumps if hurt or decease occurs this could take to the company being in discredit.


codifications of pattern are the criterions that all attention workers have to follow and are best pattern. national business criterions are at that place to inform you that you must be competent in your occupation function and have the right making and preparation to make this. The authorities put in topographic point what is best pattern in attention places and set out statute law to keep the safety of everybody whilst at work. The Guided societal attention council put in topographic point the criterions that need to be followed and cqc put in topographic point qualitie controls to guarantee that the work carried out is at a high criterion.

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