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9 September 2016

I am trying to discover the physiological disorder asthma has affected the way he lives, how it affected the lungs and the way he breaths. For the interview I thought of suitable questions which I would be asking the individual such as how did you recognize how you had asthma ? , how did asthma come into the system (genetic or natural). What was the age you found out you had asthma and how long have you had the physiological disorder for?

I spoke to the individual and ask my questions in the right manner and in a orderly way, the individual had answer the questions the best way and detail as possible and I’ve collected all the information by writing down what he has explained after each questions I’ve asked, the interview went on for 20-30 minutes. I didn’t have to explain to the individual who I was as I was a family member and I explained to him what I was doing which was talking about a physiological disorder. Asthma is a common long term condition that can cause cough, wheezing and breathlessness.

Health and Social Essay Example

These are severity of the symptoms which can vary from person to person, and asthma can be controlled well in most people most of the time. Asthma is caused by inflammation of the airways, these are small tubes called bronchi which would carry oxygen in and out of the lung, as the individual bronchi would inflame and become more sensitive than normal, when the individual comes into contact with something that irritates his lungs (trigger off) his airways become narrow and the muscles around the lungs tighten which makes him have problems with difficulties breathing, wheezing and coughing and also tight chest.

A symptom of his asthma is an asthma attack, which may require treatment from hospital care professionals as it although rare. The individual has chronic asthma which is long term, long term inflammation of the airways may lead to more permanent narrowing, the individual has had asthma since he was a young man, his causes of asthma wasn’t fully understood as it was run in the family as his mother and father both had the condition.

The common triggers of the individual was anything which irritated the airways in his body and brings on the symptoms of asthma, the common triggers which set is condition off was talking in smoke while present around smokers in the house hold, exercise which was walking, in the fresh air watching rugby as he is a big rugby supporter. His symptoms may trigger off as of the weather conditions, change of temperature, cold air and windy days.

The causes of the individual asthma was genetic, also the symptoms of the condition could range from mild to severe as the asthma could get significantly get worse which is an asthma attack as some of his symptoms may include him feeling breathless which causes him to gasp for breath and also taking in oxygen also coughing which happens at day or may happen at night. He had experience these signs and symptoms at the age of 27 as he was at the gym exercising and suddenly lost his breath while running on the treadmill and it had triggered of the asthma.

The individual diagnosis the is likely to be able to make a the diagnosis as his GP asked him about his condition and how the symptoms happen, how often they happen and also if you notice anything witched started the asthma off. The test which the GP carried out about his condition was the spirometry which carried out to access how well his lungs works, also he had to breathe into a machine called a spirometer. The spirometer takes two measurements which is the volume of his air that breaths out in 1 second as called the focused expiratory volume in 1 second and the total breaths he breaths out is called the forced vital captivity.

The GP asked him to breathe out a few times to get a consistent reading and that the reading is compared with normal measurement for his age, which of shown him if his airways are obstructed. The PEFR (perk expiratory flow rate test) which is a small hand held device which is known as a perk flow meter which measured how fast he could blow air out of the lungs in one breath. This peak flow would be taken home with him and daily recording would be taken to help him to recognize if his asthma worsen, also he told me what other test what other tests which the GP give him were an allergy testing, airway response awareness and airway inflammation.

The treatment which he had with his asthma which the GP was helping him get the asthma under controlled and from worsening, the care for his condition was good as he had all the full information about his condition and also knowing how to control the asthma, he was having regular checks up to ensure his asthma as under good control and the treatment was right for him, as he was given two inhalers which were blue and brown, but now his asthma have worsen as he overweight and he also unhealthy but now only one inhalers. He told me that his asthma personal plan which him and the doctor suggested would help him in to what steps to take for decreasing the condition from getting worse.

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