Health andsocial

6 June 2017

I took part In a one to one and a group Interaction In a health and social care setting. There were some strengths in the interaction but also some weaknesses. I believe that there is room for improvement. The two types of interaction took place at the tea party our health and social care class organized for the elderly. The following communication skills and interpersonal skills were used during the interaction; the tone of my voice, language, listening and responding skills and more.

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The first interaction was with an elderly woman, we spoke about her interests and bobbies as a young girl and I told her about my current hobbies and interest. In the one to one Interaction I was able to communicate more effectively than the group interaction. My strengths and weaknesses in this interaction varied. During this interaction my strengths were the tone of my voice, my listening and responding skills, my language skills and my body language. The tone of my voice was polite towards the elderly. This made them feel more welcome.

Another strength during my interaction was my listening and responding skills. I carefully listened to what he said to me and ensured her that she had my full attention, showed this through my responding skills by asking her my own questions or even repeating what she said to me to show her I was clarifying what I had heard. The younger generation tends to speak to each other In slang; this has slowly become a habit and sometimes slips out while speaking to the elderly. I ensured I picked my words carefully to avoid this being a communication barrier between us.

Speaking in Standard English meant she was clearly able to understand what I was saying and respond to me. The correct odd language is very important in any type of interaction as it can a big communication barrier. During my one to one interaction I made sure that I was sat up straight and gave her eye contact at all times. This showed her that I cared about what she was saying and she had my full attention. During the one to one Interaction I also had a few weaknesses that I needed to improve on.

Although the tone of my voice was polite, I feel at the start of the conversation did not speak loud and clear. This is because at first I was shy as I had never spoken to this person before. I think I needed to be more confident as this would have given a better impression to the person I was interacting with, this was also a communication barrier as I did not open myself up. Also I need to to work with on dealing with difficult situations as during the time of the Interaction , help was needed in the kitchen but I did not know how to end the conversation politely and leave to help.

In addition to my weaknesses I also speak fairly fast, I failed to change this while communicating with the elderly; also forgetting that as they get older their earning gets worse and due to me speaking fast she was not able to always here what I said. I think my group interaction had more strengths than weaknesses. This was because this Interaction took place in a group so I was more comfortable. As we were In a to do so in a group because many people want to speak.

I think I achieved this fairly well; I was able to listen carefully to everyone who spoke and responded well to what they said by asking questions and either agreeing or disagreeing with what was being said. I was also polite and much louder and clearer when speaking. Every now and then I clarified with the person that spoke to ensure I understood what they said; I clarified by either repeating what they said to double check or asking a question. I made sure my language was appropriate for the environment and the people I was with, I avoided using any slang and made sure my English was clear and easy to understand.

My attitude towards everyone was polite as well as my body language, I ensured I showed I was interested by giving the person who was talking direct eye intact and being responsive. However there were also some weaknesses during the interaction, for an example the pace in which I spoke was still fast. I needed to make sure I spoke slowly and clearly so everyone is able to fully understand what I was saying and not make them feel like they have to strain to hear or constantly ask me to repeat as they may also feel embarrassed by this.

There was some cases where I did not understand what someone said but as everyone else did understand, I did not clarify with the speaker s I did not want to be the only asking questions. Overall I feel that the group interaction went better than the one to one interaction as I felt more comfortable and was able to deliver more effective communication. I have some strengths in my communication skills which can be improved to be more effective and also many weaknesses which I need to work on to improve. I can achieve this by having more one to one and group interactions and doing a self assessment to see which areas I still need to improve on.

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