Health Care and Faith Diversity Essay Sample

In health care. we come across all sorts of people. They all have different demands and wants. We become accustomed to the population that we see. Each of our infirmaries has a bulk. We know. in general. what the bulk of our patients need in respects to religious and cultural attention. Every one time in a piece though. we come across something new and different. something that falls outside of our mundane pattern. When that happens. we have to set our manner of thought and larn new things in order to care for this patient and their household efficaciously and with great attention. This paper will research the differences between the Christian position of wellness attention and healing as opposed to the Buddhist. Native American. and Hindu faiths. Christian

Christians believe in God. They believe that the power of supplication can assist mend. They turn to prayer and church when people are ill and injured. and rely on God to assist mend. They turn to physicians and infirmaries. but it is accompanied by religion and supplication. They pray for aid. but do non cognize what assist will be given or how it will be presented. They have faith that God has a program and knows what he is making. Acts 3:16 says “By religion in the name of Jesus. this adult male whom you see and know was made strong. It is Jesus’ name and the religion that comes through him that has wholly healed him. as you can all see” ( Bible. NIV ) . For Christians. every bit long as they believe in God and inquire for his aid. he will assist. This is what we. in Western medical specialty. see most frequently. Our occupation and preparation is based around this basic premiss that the Christian individual who comes in necessitating attention will accept our Western medical specialty and will add supplication and household to the equation. Hinduism. Buddhism. and Native American civilization are really different. They have different positions on the significance of life. and the interventions and therapies that they accept as being utile. This paper will research the differences that exist between Christianity and the three other faiths specified. Hindooism

Hindooism is one of the oldest life spiritual traditions of the universe. Hinduism has no 1 laminitis or instructor. and is a digest of many different instructions and books. They believe in reincarnation. karma. moksha. Dharma. and artha. Hindus believe that one decease is merely a metempsychosis into a new life while seeking to make Brahman. “From this belief follows a corollary belief in multiple life-times of being in the yesteryear and the hereafter. life-times in which the quality of one’s present life is determined by the quality of one’s past life as led in old life-times ( karma ) . It is therefore possible to better the quality of one’s life over several lives and attain a better metempsychosis. but the ultimate Hindu spiritual ideal purposes at exceeding the procedure of the rhythm of metempsychosiss itself. The successful attainment of this end is called moksa” ( Sharma. 2002 ) . Christians. in relation. position decease in two ways. decease of the organic structure and decease of the psyche. The organic structure is of less importance. because it is the psyche that has to run into with God on Judgment twenty-four hours and must turn out its worthiness of being accepted into the Gatess of Eden. Hindus are highly modest. and modesty is increased when the attention supplier is of the opposite gender. They by and large eat a vegetarian diet. and will fast rather frequently. They are really respectful of medical forces. but they are really hesitating to take drugs. and consent to surgery. It is really of import that we explore other options and educate. educate. educate. Buddhism

In contrast “Buddhism goes beyond faith and is more of a doctrine or ‘way of life’ . It is a doctrine because doctrine ‘means love of wisdom’ and the Buddhist way can be summed up as: ( 1 ) to take a moral life. ( 2 ) to be aware and cognizant of ideas and actions. and ( 3 ) to develop wisdom and understanding” ( White. 1993 ) . “The Buddhist attack to wellness and healing is its accent on religious pattern. Buddhism asserts that religious pattern makes it possible for an person non merely to see chance for pattern in the face of hardship. including illness and hurt. but use the chance for personal transmutation and transcendence” ( Bhikshu. n. d. ) . They believe a quiet and peaceable ambiance is most good when a individual is ill or deceasing.

This allows for remainder. every bit good as clip for supplication and speculation. Buddhists believe that it is good to go on populating every bit long as possible. but do non believe that it should be done under all fortunes. Life support machines are non believed to be helpful if the person’s head is no longer alarm. Having an watchful head and non being in inordinate hurting are the two primary factors that affect a Buddhist determination sing the appropriate clip of decease. They prefer that the individual be in a province as stopping point to natural as possible leting for a natural. peaceable passing. Christians do non believe that taking attention of the human organic structure is the lone manner to populate. The organic structure is simply a vas. They are most concerned with their psyche and its well being. So when they get ill or are close to decease. they hope that their psyche is ready for God. Buddhists. like so many other civilizations and faiths. position a positive and caring attitude when interacting with the patient as their outlook. They expect to be treated with self-respect and regard. like any other patient. and they want us to be truly sort and compassionate. Native Americans

Native Americans are a term used to depict 100s of autochthonal folks of North America. Native American healing is a wide term to depict the healing beliefs and patterns of these people. It includes faith. spiritualty. herbal medical specialty. and rites that they use to handle the people with medical and emotional conditions. “Traditional Native American therapists aim to “make whole” by reconstructing wellbeing and harmonious relationships with the community and the spirit nature which is sometimes called God or the Great Mystery” ( Cancer. org. 2008 ) . They believe that everyone and everything is interconnected and in everything there is a spirit or kernel. They believe that unwellness stems from religious jobs.

They besides believe that if the individual is imbalanced. diseases are more likely to occupy the organic structure. Therefore. “their wellness patterns aim to happen and reconstruct balance and integrity in a individual to reconstruct one to a healthy and spiritually pure state” ( Cancer. org. 2008 ) . “Many Native Americans use their therapists for religious grounds. such as to seek counsel. truth. balance. reassurance. and religious wellbeing while still utilizing conventional medical specialty to cover with ‘white man’s illness’” ( Cancer. org. 2008 ) . They believe that the spirit is an inseparable component of mending. Native Americans. who pattern this type of mending. may either remain out of the infirmary. or be really loath to get down any interventions without first seeking to quiet or pacify the liquors. Christians. in contrast. are more likely to accept intervention and aid from the medical community. but ever maintain in head that the psyche comes foremost. If it comes to their attending that they are deceasing. they truly want to pray and fix the psyche for decease. Deductions for Care

As a nurse. the most of import thing you can make. for any and all of your patients. is to happen out how they view wellness and healing. What are their beliefs. and how will that alter their program of attention? We need to happen out who is involved or of import in their healing procedure and how we can ease that procedure. Above all else. the nurse must be compassionate and caring. and understand that merely because it’s different doesn’t mean it’s incorrect. We must educate our egos and be unfastened to their civilization and religion so that we may supply the best possible attention to our patients. Our patients merit to be treated with self-respect. regard. and compassion. While Buddhist and Hindus will appreciate our sort and compassionate attention. Native Americans may be a small more hesitant.

However. as with most things. it is all in the attack. It truly is cardinal to each and every individual that you truly are seeking and conforming to their religious demands. otherwise. they will presume and believe that you are being disrespectful and non helpful. As a nurse. we come in contact with so many different people. and throughout your calling you will come across state of affairss and people and religions that will throw you for a cringle. You will hold to educate and research what it is about this patient that you are traveling to necessitate in order to take the best possible attention of the patient that you can. These 3 faiths and religions have many differences and some similarities. No two are precisely the same. Majority of our patients are outside of their kingdom. and they pattern Christianity. We need to suit every individual individual that walks through our door. whether that means praying with them. garnering the appropriate clergy. leting for household intercession. and supplying for speculation and supplication. Decision

As a consequence of this research. it has become clear how small clip is spent on the religious healing of patients. Western medical specialty is what is practiced. Medication dosages. surgical consults. and discharge instruction. We do non turn to the religious side of their wellness and good being adequate. Why? Because that is easiest and that is what we know. We as nurses need to take the enterprise and do certain that all of the information we collect during admittance sing spiritualty and faith is put to utilize and that we ask what it is that we can make in order to assist them integrate their beliefs into their attention.


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