Health Care and Strong Organizational Image

7 July 2016

1. Describe how MinuteClinic puts the following promotion strategies to work for them: stressing tangible cues, using personal information sources, creating a strong organizational image, and engaging in post-purchase communication. What else could they try? MinuteClinic has managed to implement a variety of promotional strategies along time. Within the tangible cues we can find the physical evidence of the service such as the team of experts who are the nurse practitioners and physician assistants.

Also they created a children’s area during the flu crisis of Minnesota and implemented to their facilities televisions, coloring books, and videos. The personal information source in this case can be seen in the individualized attention the team of experts is providing to patients. Minuteclinic has successfully created a strong organizational image by performing the best quality service as they differentiate for working long hours, and providing a quick service. Finally, by engaging in a post purchase communication MinuteClinic is able to keep track of their patients through their electronic records.

Health Care and Strong Organizational Image Essay Example

They could try to build long term relationships with their customers by following up with them and keeping in touch through calls and e-mails. 2. Are MinuteClinic’s services customized or standardized for patients? Do they incorporate any elements of mass customization? -MinuteClinic is a health care center which is in charge of solving minor ailments; however this does not mean all patients come for the same reasons. This is why MinuteClinic’s services are considered to be customized for patients with different needs.

At the same time, MinuteClinic also provides a standardized service as they deliver a same service, and have a standard price. – Yes, MinuteClinic does incorporate elements of mass customization as they keep electronic records of each patient. 3. In what way did MinuteClinic demonstrate reliability and responsiveness during the flu outbreak in Minnesota? How did it impress customers with tangible physical evidence that the clinics cared about them? MinuteClinic demonstrated reliability and responsiveness very quickly as the outbreak in Minnesota rapidly created a huge demand for flu shots.

MinuteClinic quickly put a plan in place to address the crisis. Instead of boosting staff at all facilities in the Minneapolis area, the company chose a hub-and-spoke approach for better inventory control, offering the shots in only eight MinuteClinic locations. This effectively shows their ability to respond immediately to unexpected events and ultimately reflect their willingness to help by creating an image of reliability. They also impressed patients by creating children’s areas to make the wait easier for families, adding televisions, videos, and coloring books to keep little ones entertained.

This is how MinuteClinic proved that they care for the wellness of their community. 4. How important has MinuteClinic’s place (distribution) strategy been to the company’s success? Which elements does MinuteClinic focus on with its marketing mix? Why? -The distribution strategy they decided to implement played very well in their advantage. As a 2006 Harris Interactive poll reported that 92 percent of the people who visited a retail clinic were satisfied with its convenience. – MinuteClinic focuses on all elements: Price: they offer low prices services, compared to how much a patient will pay by visiting their usual doctor.

Place: They have opened over 600 locations. They have successfully located themselves in one of the most biggest and famous pharmacy, CVS, in the US, assuring their long run success. Product: They have found a need and came up with a solution. By offering medical care services with standardized prices and quick assistance, MinuteClinic has accomplished success. Promotion: they have promoted the efficiency of their workers to create a reliable and credible environment. True or False questions 1. A key factor influencing the selection of a retail-based health clinic is convenience. T 2.

The demand for health services in the United States is expected to drop off sharply within the next ten years as Baby Boomers age. F 3. Health services such as those provided by MinuteClinic tend to exhibit more experience and credence qualities than goods sold in the drugstore. T 4. MinuteClinic’s services are sold, produced, and consumed at the same time, which is an example of the heterogeneity of its services versus goods. T 5. When nurse practitioners follow up with patients with postcard surveys, telephone calls, or brochures, they are engaging in postpurchase communication. T MULTIPLE CHOICE 1.

The basic difference between selling a healthcare service at MinuteClinic and selling a Band-Aid at the drugstore is that healthcare services are ________ performances. a. tangible b. intangible c. responsive d. standardized e. operations oriented 2. MinuteClinic’s services belong in which of the following categories? a. people processing b. possession processing c. mental stimulus processing d. information processing e. All of the above

3. Evaluating the quality of medical services at MinuteClinic may be difficult for a patient before or after being treated because services tend to exhibit fewer ________ qualities. a. intangible b. search c. experience d. credence e. standardized 4. A nurse practitioner that addresses a patient by name and offers caring, individualized attention during his visit is practicing the service quality known as a. reliability. b. responsiveness. c. assurance. d. empathy. e. tangibles. 5. If MinuteClinic hired Patrick Dempsey, who plays a doctor on “Grey’s Anatomy,” to appear in commercials for them, they would be engaging in which type of promotion strategy? a. stressing tangible cues b. using personal information sources c. creating a strong organizational image d. engaging in post-purchase communications e. All of the above

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