Health Care System Essay Sample

In this paper there will be a brief treatment of three forces that have affected the development of the U. S health care system. It will detect whether or non these forces will go on to hold an consequence on the U. S health care system over the following decennary. This paper will besides include an extra force. which may be lead to believe to hold an impact on the wellness attention system of the state. And in conclusion this paper will measure the importance of engineering in health care. There are three major forces that have affected the development of the wellness attention system within the U. S. and these forces include societal. political and economic. The first force is defined as a societal force. and during this clip in the twelvemonth of “1850 was the development of the first hos-pitals within the United States. which marked the beginning of formal organisation in the U. S” ( Williams & A ; Torrens. 2010. p. 3 ) .

“This peculiar force concentrated its attempts on public wellness jobs. such as epidemics and assorted acute infections that affected big sums of those persons as a consequence of hapless life conditions. such as dirty nutrients. contaminated H2O and lodging. After most of the epidemic jobs started acquiring under control. infirmaries had to now work out other major jobs such as injury and diseases which were in critical demand of surgical intervention” ( Williams & A ; Torrens. 2010. p. 3 ) . The 2nd force that affected the wellness system of the U. S is defined as political. During World War II and the old ages that followed after it up to 1980 was a period of major societal and political development in the U. S wellness attention system. “After the find of antibiotics. there were betterments in medical and surgical interventions of acute diseases. which would so let the wellness system to so concentrate its attending on more chronic unwellnesss as major marks for the really first time” ( Williams & A ; Torrens. 2010. p. 4 ) .

Shortly before the twelvemonth of 1900 wellness attention was one time seen as a personal. household and vicinity issue. And authorities functionaries were non involved with wellness attention protection or the proviso of attention. Then in “1900 political campaigners who were running for political national office places began to alter their manner of thought and the subject of national wellness insurance for all was discussed and this place was temporarily supported by the American Medical Association” ( Williams & A ; Torrens. 2010. p. 6 ) . Subsequently in 1953 a cabinet-level Department of Health. Education. and Welfare was put into topographic point within the federal authorities construction. During this period came the development of “local non-profit-making infirmaries and medical insurance programs were created under the name of bluish Cross Blue Shield. And as a portion of employee fringed benefits employers merely provided wellness insurance. which was the lone signifier of wellness insurance until the transition and the input of Medicare during the mid-1960’s” ( Williams & A ; Torrens. 2010p. 6 ) . Even though local authoritiess continued to construct and run infirmaries located within assorted counties for those with low income. funding and proviso of attention was still minimum. So without the engagement of province and federal authoritiess Medicare so decided that this type of wellness insurance would be made available to everyone in the United States who were 65 and up. through a simple national insurance that was managed by the authorities.

The 3rd force this paper observes is the economic force. In 1980 to show there was a great motion of people going more involved in their wellness and wellness attention had increased. With the cyberspace available society was now able to entree information and educate themselves on assorted chronic unwellnesss and how these unwellnesss could be perchance prevented. Persons now have entree to information of how to fix fitter repasts. exercising techniques and wellness insurance coverage programs that is right for them. These three forces will go on to hold an consequence on the wellness attention system of the U. S. because some persons may hold certain cultural beliefs about acquiring attention from a physician and others may hold certain economic circumstance that prevents them from acquiring the proper wellness attention they may necessitate. Examples of this would be non holding entree to a vehicle or public transit if the nearest infirmary is located further off from the place. no cellular device to remind them of of import assignment day of the months and other find it really hard to wait in long lines to have services that are offered to them.

An extra force that could hold an consequence on the wellness attention system of the state would be the Obama attention. This is a Universal wellness attention reform that would profit everyone across the state. including those with preexistent conditions and those that have trouble obtaining the proper medical attending that they need. I believe that with this type of wellness attention it could salvage many more lives and decrease the fiscal concerns of households who have love 1s that are in demand of a particular process who may hold to go across that the provinces to hold the process done. “A hebdomad prior to July 3rd of 2012 “the Supreme Court decided in favour of the cosmopolitan health care legislative act that was passed under the Obama disposal and upheld the single authorization. But surprisingly no 1 of the conservativists decried the determination as lending to the ruin of society. grounds that President Obama is a socialist. and by and large anti-American. But conservativists have been consistent in their resistance and unfavorable judgment of cosmopolitan health care as a construct in general and particularly the jurisprudence. But their dissatisfaction with the Supreme Court determination is defective based on the occupation the justnesss are tasked with and the general way of the American society” ( Brookins. 2012. parity. 1 ) .

Now this paper will measure the importance of engineering in wellness attention. Technology can be a powerful but besides really dearly-won set of services and merchandises that will hold a great impact on wellness attention out comes. With engineering playing an of import function in wellness attention it can better the recovery clip of patients and do hospital visits more accessible and every bit good let doctors to function more patients by doing the delay clip much lesser. “A few wellness attention engineerings by industrial groups are. pharmaceuticals which include biological pharmaceuticals and chemical pharmaceuticals. Medical devices such as Nondiagnostic medical equipment. diagnostic medical equipment. big graduated table imaging equipment and little graduated table imagination and diagnostic equipment. Health attention information engineering includes communications engineering. informations storage. retrieval and direction technology” ( Williams & A ; Torrens. 2010. p. 21 ) . With these type of engineerings in topographic point it helps to do the infirmary environment run more swimmingly and more expeditiously.


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