Health Disparities Among the Poor

7 July 2016

On this era, everybody depends on technology when communicating, especially on cell phones. These devices are known all over the world, and they are also used for entertainment, and to be updated with the latest news. Calling and Texting are the main methods that people use to communicate with friends, family, and others when using their cell phones. Calling has been popular since mid-1900s, but has been taken its popularity by texting since the beginning of the 20th century. Factors like the tone, and the fact that the people involved in the conversation can hear each other’s voices make a phone call more personal.

Calling, should be used when the objective is to start a full conversation, argument, or a work related discussion. Though, if the objective is to confirm something, tell a quick message, or ask a short question, texting would be the proper choice. Texting is more impersonal than calling; there are no other factors involved on the conversation than what you see on the screen, the text. There is no easy way to feel, or identify the other person’s emotions in a text message clearly.

Health Disparities Among the Poor Essay Example

Texting is a misused form of communication if the objective is to spend hours on the phone, give important news, or express a strong emotion. Calling can only take place if the person that makes the call has the other person’s phone number, and if the receiver of the call takes it. On the other hand, texting compares to sending constant e-mails, there are many social medias where you can text or send a private message via internet, or having the other person’s phone number as well. Even though the receiver of the message does not see the text right away, he or she will eventually see it, and hopefully respond.

Texting can be a threat to your life. About 6,000 deaths and a half a million injuries are caused by distracted drivers every year. Phone calls are safer while driving; there are Bluetooth devices that allow you to talk while both of the driver’s hands are on the wheel, and eyes are on the road. Most phones also have a speaker option where the sound increases and drivers do not need to hold the phone. Texting and Calling are two effective methods of communicating when used at the right time, place, and situation.

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