Health Essay Development

1 January 2017

Nutrition information provided on food labels can be a helpful resource to imporve nutrition. It is usually most important to look at the number of Calories, Fat grams, Carbohydrates, and Sodium per serving size. It’s imprtant to know the seving size of a food or meal because it allows you to compare similar products easily.

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This information can be useful in keeping a blanced diet by counting the amount of calories you consume. During the past 3 days, our team came up with the top 2 foods that we have eaten the most. Pizza and Cheeseburgers is what we came up with. These are both not part of a healthy diet because for instance, Pizza is based on a 272 calorie diet per serving and a Cheeseburger follows up on a 300 calorie diet per serving which makes them both be really unhealthy foods. Some alternatives to eath healthier might be eating a Salad instead of a pizza or a low-Carb Burger instead of a Cheeseburger.

This would reduce the calories and the same time you will be eating healthier. Motivating a friend or a relative in participating in physical activity who does not currently excersise might be a challenge. There are a couple a ways can help or suggest a person to start to participate in Physical activity. One way is telling the person they will look more attractive. This will help because people that don’t excersise usually are not fit and don’t have a High self-steem as a skinny person might have so therefore, it will improve the inner person in them and boost up their Self-steem.

Another way in motivating someone is by recomending them to start a gym of start running. You might even partner up with them to help them out. Stressors might take a big part in someone wanting to participate in physical activity. As for ourselves, a stressor in life related to time management might be Procrastinating at times. Sometimes leaving stuff to the last minute might be a good solution because it builds pressure but, there are times when you think you are going to finish and you run out of time.

Some techniques in reducing this stress might be making a Daily schedule to improve time management. doing your priorities first, and leaving things that are not really a priority to the last minute might be the best solution. Building personal relationships is a great way to reduce stress. Some kind of support to expect from others in a personal relationship might be alot of Physical attention meaning people able to listen to you and not judging. A professional relationship is different because this is usually a friendship with a co-worker or someone you don’t relate as a personal friend.

They can be there for you as well by being honest to you and building trust. Without honesty and trust a relationship can’t be build. It is always good to have people there for you in though times. For example, you might have a eating disorder and the best solution to get out of it is by someone motivating you or being there when you most need them. Eating disorders are a leading cause of Insecurity of yourself. One particular disorder is Anorexia Nervosa. This eating disorder is usually found in people that preocuppied themselves in being thin.

The desire to lose weight becomes more important than anything else and they just can’t see themselves gain weight. you loose the ability to see yourself as who you truly are and people don’t realize that this particual disorder can damage your health and even threaten your life. There is alot of help out there if you need it. People are graet just the way they are. There is alot of diveristy in our society we need to learn to adapt to it and stop critizing people. Eating disorders usually start when people critize others in the way they look and it shouldn’t be that way.

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