Kim Jong un North Korean Incorporated Beckmanngasse 10-12, 1140 Vienna Dear Mr. un: I am writing to you a letter of appeal asking you to stop Communism in North Korea. Communism in North Korea has been going on for over 68 years! Communism as a whole Is a very vile and Inhumane means of governing. It slowly strips away the citizens’ creative ability, reduces their incentives to work hard, and slowly incinerates a countries economy. I urge you to change your ways, although if no change is made North Korea as a whole will self-destruct leaving your countries economy and overnment out to dry.

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If you do not end communism your citizens will lose their creativity. Creativity is the ability to express yourself. Creativity is the first step in inventing new technology. As you well know technology allows for a more sophisticated and educated society, both of which North Korea lacks in. The creativity of one of your citizens could restore all the pride and nobility that was once present In North Korea, although, until you withdraw the dark cloud of Communism from over your people we will never find out. Much like Soviet Russia you could slowly start assimilating democracy into your urrent government system.

I guarantee that you will see a more sophisticated and creative society. Communism also reduces your citizen’s incentive to work hard. In a communist state everyone acquires the same amount of money. This Is good for the facllltauon of the state. Although, due to this lack of Incentives the people who work a more dffcult job will most likely lose motivation rather quickly. This lack of motivation will be evident in their work. You will slowly see a decrease In work effort and In the overall performance of your citizens.

This will severely hurt your countries ability to create high quality goods and new technologies. In turn the lack of Incentives will leave your country in a frozen technological stone age. t Of2 countrys economy is the backbone of the whole state. The communist economy that you have come to acquire has manyflaws that could lead to the ultimate demise of North Korea. For starters there are no other communist economies to compare your own to, mainly because every communist economy is the different. This makes it hard to mark prices and distribute rations effectively.

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If this is not done effectively hegovernment starts to become criticized and eventually uprisings will start. As a student of a free country I feel qualified to tell you that changing your communist ways is in the best interest of your current and future citizens. If you do not end communism in North Korea the North Korean race will die as a whole. There are countless souls that have been lost the hell like abyss known as communism. You alone can shed light into this dark and never ending whole by ending communism in North Korea. The data is perfectly clear c communist states always fall. Best regards,

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