Health Risks Of Secondhand Smoke Essay Research

8 August 2017

Health Risks Of Secondhand Smoke Essay, Research Paper

& # 8220 ; The Health Risks of Secondhand Smoke Are Exaggerated, & # 8221 ; harmonizing to an article written by W. Kip Viscusi, which is published in 1997 in Smoking, Opposing Point of views. The article, is non effectual. Not merely are the beginnings of the grounds non clearly identified, but besides Viscusi uses logical false beliefs, and the organisation is confounding.

The first ground why Viscusi & # 8217 ; s article is non effectual is that the beginnings of the grounds Viscusi utilizations are non clearly identified. To get down with Viscusi negotiations about how the per centums of non-smokers in society have risen, so he says to see the followers & # 8220 ; Gallup Poll consequences & # 8221 ; , which are that the 16 % believed that smoking in public topographic points should be banned. But Viscusi fails to state the reader what the & # 8220 ; Gallup canvass & # 8221 ; is, when it was taken and who produced it. Equally of import, in the 7th paragraph Viscusi states that & # 8220 ; malignant neoplastic disease research workers & # 8221 ; by and large note. Again he fails to allow the reader know the certificates of the malignant neoplastic disease research workers. Another illustration of hapless certificates is when Viscusi states some per centums in & # 8220 ; a 1991 study of company smoke policies & # 8221 ; . He once more fails to allow the reader know the certificates of the study.

Another account as to why Viscusi & # 8217 ; s article is non successful is because the organisation is confounding. The thesis Viscusi is seeking to turn out is that the wellness hazards of secondhand fume are exaggerated. He fails to back up his thesis because his chief points in his narrative are all scattered and have no organisation. Besides, Viscusi & # 8217 ; s chief point is that

hazards are overdone, but he fails to convey out the & # 8220 ; hazards & # 8221 ; until after the he writes about in

important subjects that have nil to make with the point he is seeking to do. In add-on to non back uping his thesis and dispersing the chief points, Viscusi besides fails to lodge to the point and he

frequently goes off subject. For illustration, Viscusi states in the 2nd paragraph that the & # 8220 ; argument over taxing coffin nails has intensified, & # 8221 ; while revenue enhancement on coffin nails has nil to make with the hazards of secondhand fume.

In add-on to hapless certificates and confounding organisation, Viscusi frequently provides logical false beliefs. The first manner he does so is by utilizing headlong generalisations. For illustration, Viscusi says that for many old ages non-smokers position secondhand fume as a & # 8220 ; smelly annoyance. & # 8221 ; He generalizes that tobacco users annoy all non-smokers. Viscusi besides uses shared premises to stand for

cogent evidence. One is he does so is when he stated that & # 8220 ; one puff is less likely to be hazardous than sustained exposures. & # 8221 ; But goes on to state that the EDA and the OSHA hasn & # 8217 ; t made those differentiations but that its instructive to utilize the estimations anyhow. Another manner Viscusi uses logical false beliefs is by utilizing round logical thinking. He & # 8220 ; beats around the shrub & # 8221 ; by stealing in words like

& # 8220 ; proposed & # 8221 ; and & # 8220 ; would hold & # 8221 ; to explicate the Torahs about revenue enhancement of coffin nails.

Therefore, in decision, the susceptible certificates, confounding organisation, and all the logical false beliefs prove that this article is written unsuccessfully. This type of article should hold been written with impressive certificates, better organisation, and true statements. If

Viscusi had used those cardinal subjects, he would hold been more successful in converting the reader that secondhand smoke wellness hazards are exaggerated.

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