Health & Social Care Essay Sample

8 August 2017

Specify the undermentioned types of maltreatment
( a ) Physical maltreatment – This is the deliberate usage of physical force that consequences in bodily hurt. hurting or damage ( B ) Sexual maltreatment – this is direct or indirect engagement in sexual activity without valid consent ( hundred ) Emotional / psychological maltreatment – this is any action by another that amendss an persons mental well-being. It includes the denial of basic human rights ( vitamin D ) Financial maltreatment – this is the larceny or abuse of an persons money or personal ownerships to the advantage of another individual ( vitamin E ) Institutional maltreatment – this is the mistreatment or maltreatment of an person by a government or people within an establishment ( degree Fahrenheit ) Self neglect – this is where an person fails to adequately care for themselves and run into their ain basic demands ( g ) Disregard by others – this is the deliberate or unwilled failure to run into an persons basic demands

Identify the marks and / or symptoms associated with each type of maltreatment listed above ( a ) Physical maltreatment – Burnss.

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scalds. broken castanetss. black eyes ( B ) Sexual maltreatment – hurt of the venereal country. fright of physical contact. lacerate apparels. depression ( hundred ) Emotional / psychological maltreatment – alterations in appetency. depression. low self-esteem. deficiency of ego assurance ( vitamin D ) Financial maltreatment – sudden inability to pay measures. no nutrient in the house. losing money ( vitamin E ) Institutional maltreatment – deficiency of picks offered. stiff modus operandis. activities arranged for the convenience of staff and the administration ( degree Fahrenheit ) Self neglect – pretermiting personal hygiene. non eating. self-harm ( g ) disregard by others – denial of entree to wellness or societal attention. withholding of nutrient as penalty

Describe factors that may lend to an single being more vulnerable to mistreat Persons are more vulnerable to mistreat if they are frail. isolated. hold a mental unwellness like dementedness or jobs pass oning. These factors can let attention workers to take advantage of them. Other factors include if the attention worker is over worked. deficiency of preparation and supervising. these factors can take the attention worker to mistreat the service user wittingly or unwittingly.

Explain the actions to take if there are intuitions that an person is being abused If I suspect that an person is being abused. I make certain that I report my intuitions to my director and follow agreed processs. I would besides seek advice about what my function is if necessary and maintain confidentiality at all times.

Explain the actions to take if an person alleges that they are being abused If an person makes an allegation of maltreatment as a attention worker. it is my responsibility of attention to take them earnestly. I guarantee that I follow agreed processs for revelation. I guarantee that I remain unagitated and non shocked or angry at who the alleged maltreater might be. Respect the individuals wants. I would offer them the chance to speak to a more senior co-worker and record what I have been told accurately.

Identify ways to guarantee that grounds of maltreatment is preserved
Wayss to guarantee that grounds of maltreatment is preserved is that I do non travel or take anything. I do non touch anything unless I have to do the individual safe. I do non clean or clean up up. I make certain that I record any seeable marks of maltreatment or hurts and the status of the individual involved.

Identify national policies and local systems that relate to safeguarding and protection from abuse These include
•the Human Rights Act 1998
•Mental Capacity Act 2005
•Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups Act 2006
•organisational Safeguarding Policy

Explain the functions of different bureaus in safeguarding and protecting persons from maltreatment •Social attention service – this bureau has duties to guarantee action is taken to maintain persons safe. they coordinate probes and are represented at constabulary interviews •Police – they investigate allegations of maltreatment if a offense is suspected. they gather grounds and protect people in vulnerable state of affairss •Medical services – they provide immediate intervention if required and undertake medical scrutinies if required

Identify studies into serious failures to protect persons from maltreatment •CQC publishes critical study of Castlebeck maltreatment weaknesss – The Care Quality Commission published its findings following an review of Care Homes owned by Castlebeck Care Ltd. The study came after the BBC’s Panorama filmed patients being pinned down. slapped. doused in cold H2O and repeatedly taunted and teased despite warnings by a whistle blower who was a member of staff. After sing a scope of grounds. CQC inspectors found Castlebeck Care had failed to guarantee that people populating at Winterbourne View were adequately protected from hazard. including the hazards of insecure patterns by its ain staff. •Report reveals shocking failures that led to Baby P’s barbarous decease – Baby P was failed by constabulary. societal workers and attorneies. The yearling had 60 visits from bureaus over 8 months. The decease could hold been prevented. Governments didn’t realise violent spouse lived at that place. Social workers. physicians and constabularies committed a catalogue of mistakes which led to the toddler’s decease at the custodies of his female parent and her sadistic fellow.

Identify beginnings of information and advice about ain function in safeguarding and protecting persons from abuse These beginnings of information include – the Care Quality Commission. organizational Safeguarding Policy and Procedure. GSCC Code of pattern for societal attention workers. my occupation description. from supervising. from developing programmes and from team meetings

Explain how the likeliness of maltreatment may be reduced by ( a ) working with individual centred values – individual centred values such as individualism. rights. pick. privateness. independency. self-respect. regard and partnership puts the person at the Centre of all activities. In so making. it reduces the likeliness of maltreatment ( B ) promoting active engagement – active engagement is a manner of working that recognises an persons right to take part in the activities and relationships of mundane life. As a attention worker. it is my responsibility of attention to authorise the single thereby cut downing the likeliness of maltreatment ( degree Celsius ) promoting pick and rights – in this manner support is provided in such a manner as to guarantee the person is actively involved in everything that happens. Decisions are based on the persons expressed wants therefore cut downing the likeliness of maltreatment

Explain the importance of an accessible ailments process for cut downing the likeliness of maltreatment An accessible ailments process should be written in apparent English and available in different formats. it should be easy available. it should be displayed in the public country of the service and it should include a clear account as to how to utilize the processs. Making the ailments process accessible to all encourages openness. It provided persons vulnerable to mistreat with a user friendly ailments process.

Describe insecure patterns that may impact the well being of persons An insecure pattern is one that puts the person or attention worker at hazard. Such patterns include non following right processs. non set abouting proper hazard appraisal. non holding the appropriate equipment to set about a undertaking. deficiency of appropriate staff preparation and deficiency of proper leading and direction. All these can impact the well being of an person in a negative manner.

Explain the actions to take if insecure patterns have been identified If I identify any insecure pattern. I should every bit much as possible make the state of affairs safe e. g. put up a jeopardy mark. I should describe the state of affairs to the director verbally and in authorship and if necessary guarantee that other staff members are cognizant e. g. if an equipment is faulty.

Describe the action to take if suspected maltreatment or insecure patterns have been reported but nil has been done in response Whenever there is an insecure pattern or suspected abuse I make certain that I report and record it. If I later happen out that nil has been done to rectify the state of affairs. would ab initio follow organizational processs or reach the Care Quality Commission.

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